Video Review: Ed Sheeran, Chance the Rapper & Pnb Rock “Cross Me”

A young woman walks into the virtual reality room, wearing a motion-capture suit, While she dances, gold flashes outline her body. She bends down on the floor.

Ed Sheeran stands up in a room of gold people.

As a golden statue, she pirouettes in a room of mannequins. The mannequins break in half. She leans forward, hands on the ground.

Sheeran does a handstand during a track meet He stands up as the sun sets. Against a black background animated hearts fly around him as a pink heart thumps in his chest. His limbs turn into candy. A figure, coated with multi-colored sprinkles, dances with him. He smashes into the figure, which explodes into multi-colored sprinkles and runs on the candy coated ground to a steel hole. While he jumps in the hole, the colors rotate from mustard yellow to lavender. He jumps to another hole, dodging multi-colored circles and triangles.

PnB moves his arms past electric blue lasers shaped in squares and ruby red circles.

The young woman shakes pieces of black metal from her suit.

Sheeran somersaults and presses a button on the lime green laser. Turning into a mold of a person, she rolls between the lime green lasers and transforms into an electric blue light, shimmering with fringe. Sheeran walks on the crossed arms of a giant multi-colored sprinkle figure. The giant multi-colored sprinkle person explodes in flames. He falls into the flames.

Chance The Rapper flicks away the mannequins. He faces off against Evil Chance in a martial arts video game and dances in the bottom of the ocean.

The young woman becomes a muscled skeleton who lifts up a car in the parking lot. The muscled skeleton kicks at the electric blue neon sign stating Cross Kick in the air.

Chance The Rapper slides into the mound.

A young man helps the young woman as she does a handstand. A dozen pair of scissors stand and snip. Painted in gold, she puts a crown on her head. In the virtual reality room, she blows a kiss. The glittery red kiss evaporates. A mutli-colored sprinkled figure dances on a building in a city. Chance The Rapper runs on sheets of notebook paper while on top of a building.

The young woman shakes her hips, turning her into hot pink silhouette with pastel shapes stacked by her. She becomes a lobster and morphs into Sheeran as she jumps. She spreads out her arms as she finishes and sighs.

She changes back into her clothes in the locker room. While she walks at night in the city, she notices blue flashes from her face. She checks her face while on the subway. She watches her hands as they become sprinkled while walking down the stairs.

Looking into the mirror in her bathroom, she turns her head from left to right. As she sits on the couch, her face morphs from Sheeran’s back to her own.

Rating: 5/5

The young woman waits on the phone to speak to a supervisor of the virtual reality therapy office. The supervisor advises that it’s experimental and the office is not responsible for any side effects she’s experiencing. The supervisor recommends that she come back into the office immediately and not to go to the emergency room. The doctor in the office will take care of her.

While she walks to the office, a twentysomething young woman exclaims “Ed Sheeran!” She puts a mask over her head. A fortysomething woman screams and tells the pair of scissors on her back almost cut her. She runs to the office. None of it was supposed to become real. The therapy was supposed to help her cope with her anxiety and let her be someone else for an hour.

The doctor examines her face and makes a note on his chart. She asks him how it can be stopped. He suggests she has to be quarantined and a team of doctors on staff will study her. She protests that she can’t do it. She has a job and a home. The doctor tells the virtual reality office will be her home until they figure out how to stop it. They’ll give her a job within the office to pay for her expenses.

She stands files into the scanner and tells the person behind her that she’ll be done in a minute. Turning around, she sees another young woman with a morphing face. She asks the young woman how long she’s been there. The young woman shrugs and says she has lost time.

Director: Ryan Staake Year: 2019


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