Video Review: Five Star “Stay Out of My Life”

In a split screen, Denise turns her head as several clips from their past videos play to to the right of her. Returning to a single screen, Denise, wearing a ruby red sequined outfit, sings in a studio. Her siblings, Doris, Lorraine, Stedman and Delroy dance around her, wearing a similar outfit to hers.

At night, several cars drive in the city, Denise is projected onto a music store while Stedman is on an office building. Their dancing is seen a garage door for another company. As a young man walks on the sidewalk, their dancing can be seen above him. Denise can be seen on a restaurant.

Lorraine throws a bucket of water.

Denise is projected onto bricks of three buildings.

Stedman swings backwards on a pole, which is shown on an office supplies store. Denise swings on a pole to the other end of the studio.

The young man spots the group on the building and protects himself from Lorraine’s bucket of water. The projection of the group follows the young man as he passes a Tasty Cafe and crosses the street.

Rating: 1/5

Denise flips her hair as her hair stylist waves to her from the window. She and her siblings were on billboards hanging above the small businesses in the city. She snaps her fingers for the driver to help her the door. She yells at him for being late and tells him she’s going to miss a meeting. Sitting in the backseat, she scrunches her nose as she views the worn buildings. She hopes she doesn’t ever have to return again. The city was gross and underdeveloped. Her money was going to the luxury shops in London.

Lorraine comments to Doris that Denise has gotten quite the ego. Doris rolls her eyes and says she always has to be in front. Doris whines to her dad, asking “why does she have to be in the center all the time?”  Their dad says because she’s the best. Doris whispers to Lorraine “that it’s because she’s the favorite.” Lorraine says it’s not fair that Denise gets away with everything. Their father says Denise’s song was responsible for the mansion they now own. He tells them to contribute and write their own damn songs. Lorraine and Doris slump in their chairs.

Delroy and Stedman tiptoe into the studio. The stylist looks down. Delroy catches a young man making eye contact and tells him to get out of there. The young man scrambles for his things. Delroy shakes his head and tells their other employees that’s what happens when they don’t follow the rules. Their father wants to know where they were. Stedman says Delroy had to fire someone. Their father nods and them to change.

Denise storms through the door and several assistants run to her. She demands that her sisters move and give her the dressing room. Lorraine and Doris glare at her as they walk away.

Director: N/A Year: 1987

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