Video Review: Gerardo “We Want The Funk”

Outside Clinton’s bar, Gerardo says “excuse me” to the bouncer and tells him he’s on the guest list. The bouncer pushes him away and tells him “there’s no Gerardo on the guest list.” Gerardo insists that he’s on the guest list. George Clinton walks by, saying “what’s up, what’s up?” Clinton shakes Gerardo’s hand and tells him “oh you’re that Rico Suave. He’s all right.” Gerardo corrects him on his name. Patting him on the back, Clinton responds, “Yeah, Gerardo Suave.”

Clinton leads Gerardo into his club and tells him to “give him the funk.” Gerardo comments to Clinton that a young woman in a white dress, “is looking kinda right.” Clinton urges him to “go get it.” Gerardo walks by the DJ booth and begins to rap. He joins in the routine with the dancers.

He whispers to a second young woman, wearing a black strapless dress and hat. He slaps Clinton’s hands and stops to talk to a third young woman. Sliding back to the stage, he and his dancers perform a routine. He turns and swivels his hips to a group of young women dancing.

He returns to the stage and raps. Grinning, he points to a cage where a fourth young woman is dancing. While he dances shirtless, he sees the first young woman. He walks off the dance floor and talks to the first young woman.

Rating: 1/5

Gerardo covers his face as he walks away from the club. No one believed he was someone. His girlfriend touches his lips and tells him, “we’ll find another club who knows who you are.” At the second club, he explains a poster of him was hanging was on the subway. He says he has to talk to the producer about his album. The bouncer sighs and says “everyone has an album.” His girlfriend walks up and the bouncer gives her a hug. She says he’s telling the truth. The bouncer apologizes and lets them inside.

At the club, she introduces some actors she knows. He talks to them about their shows. While they wait at the bar, he says he didn’t know she knew the cast of the current hit show. She shrugs and says she used to be sleep some of the actors on the show. He does a spit-take. She smirks and says she’s had some song written about her, too. He promises to write her one, too. She squeezes his cheeks and tells him he’s such a handsome guy.

Gerardo chats about with his hit song with the bartender. He says he won’t be in the city much longer. The record company wants him on tour. The bartender nods and asks him for some lyrics to his song. He starts to rap it and the bartender shakes his head. Gerardo says it’s been on the radio non-stop. He points to the DJ and walks up to the booth. He requests his hit song. The DJ asks him it’s new. Gerardo tells him to point to him once he plays it. The DJ points to him. He raises his hands for the tepid applause. His girlfriend walks up to him and nods to the crowd. She tells him to stay by her for the rest of the night.

Director: N/A Year: 1991

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