Video Review: Zara Larsson “All The Time”

Multi-colored kaleidoscopes spin and rotate colors. A Ferris Wheel is lit up in gold at night. Multiple cardinal yellow signs state: “Tonight: The Zaras” as they twist and turn.

With pink kaleidoscope borders, Zara Larsson gazes into her mirror sitting on her vanity and fluffs her hair. A Scrambler ride swivels to the right.

With aqua kaleidoscope borders, the second Larsson holds a hand to her heart as she looks into the mirror.

Larsson applies blush to her face.

The third Larsson touches the black strips of her hair and flings it to the side as she sits in the chair.

Against a maroon tinsel curtain, Larsson performs by herself first. The other two Larssons pop up from behind her.  They perform a routine. The third Larsson, wearing a black, fuzzy tank top walks in front of them and points to the audience. They bend down and touch their thighs underneath the neon red rose sign hanging above them.

Wearing a nude sequined bodysuit, Larsson, sits in a mirrored room surrounded by gold balloons. She leans against the mirror as she dances.

People ride in the bumper cars.

On stage. Larsson stops dancing and runs backstage. She glances over her shoulder, smiling as she enters the arcade.

Rating: 3.5/5

Zara Larsson licks her fingers as she holds a hamburger in her hand. She sits at the table, biting into her hamburger and watches the lights of the Ferris Wheel turn off. Her phone vibrates in her pocket. It was likely texts from her triplet sisters, Zara #2 and Zara #3.

At the motel, she hands the clerk some cash. The clerk asks for her name and she says “Agnes.” She was no longer a third of one person. An Agnes, to her, was vintage and a daughter of a rebel poet. She protested causes important to her and studied at a major university. Agnes was who she always wanted to be.

A young man hits on her as she dances in the club. He asks for her name and she responds with Madison. Madison was a young woman she ran into while walking around the park. Her friends had swarmed around her and never left her side unless she said so. The guys had approached her with sweaty palms and nervous cracks in their voices. She wanted to be Madison for one night.

She settles for being Cheryl as she fills out her application for a job. The manager asks her about her experience. She explains she can type about 60 words per minute and that she’s a quick learner. Cheryl was reliable, a hard worker and was perfectly happy being at home, watching movies after work. She might be Zara again one day. However, as she spends time with her friends at the bar, she prefers they don’t know about her past.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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