Video Review: Ginuwine “Pony”

At a bus stop, a fiftysomething man with a beard looks to the left as he steps onto the sidewalk. Ginuwine looks around and he puts on his sunglasses. His friends follow behind him.

He and his friends enter a country and western bar. The Caucausian thirtysomething men and women, sitting at the bar, smoking and drinking, pause to stare at them. A bearded fortysomething man glares at him while he looks up from his game of pool.

Ginuwine dances underneath the American flag and neon sign cowboy hat.

His friends walk up to the bearded fortysomething man’s pool table. The bearded fortysomething man eyes them. Two of his friends walk up to the bar and order drinks. Several twentysomething ride the mechanical bull. The thirtysometing people get up from their seats at the counter and stand by the stage.  The bearded fortysomething talks to some of his friends sitting at a table. Two female friends of Ginuwine sit in the corner table with a couple of sixtysomething men. One of his friends exchanges hats with a fiftysomething man.

Rating: 4/5

Ginuwine gives a fiftysomething man a high-five as they celebrate their air hockey win. The fiftysomething man offers he and his friends a round of drinks. He and his friends thank him but say they can’t. The fiftysomething man tells him it’s the least he can do. The fiftysomething man apologizes for the regulars, saying they can be judgmental. Ginuwine nods, saying it turned out all right.

On the bus, a friend of Ginuwine’s tapped him on the shoulder and asked him if they could stop somewhere else. He was nervous about the area. Ginuwine tells him it’ll be okay. His friends say a fight could break out and they could end up in jail.

There weren’t any African-Americans in the bar. Country music blared throughout the bar. The bartenders were the only ones who waved at them. Ginuwine walks up to the stage and starts to dance. His friends stay to the back, gauging the reactions. Ginuwine glances towards the crowd and sees the people bob their heads. His friends sit at empty tables and order from the bar.

A fortysomething woman introduces herself and asks some of his friends where they are from. Some twentysomething woman talk with his friends and invite them to play some darts. The bearded fiftysomething man lets some of his friends play in a game of pool. The bartender encourages the crowd to cheer for Ginuwine as he dances.

Ginuwine sits in the chair and drinks a beer. The bearded fiftysomething man tells him he’s talented. Ginuwine nods and they shake hands. The bearded fiftysomething man says he’s lived here all his life and doesn’t get to meet people different from him. He asks Ginuwine about living in a major city. He says he always wanted to live in California but was afraid. Ginuwine explains he recently moved there himself and that he didn’t grow up with much, either. Up until a year ago, he hadn’t traveled out of his state. The bearded fiftysomething man says it was nice talking to him. Ginuwine tells he liked talking to him, too. His friends walk up to him and tell him it’s time to leave.

Director: Michael Lucero Year: 1996

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