Video Review: Steps “Dancing With A Broken Heart”

Written on the screen is: “Planet Earth, many years from now, on a dancefloor, far, far away.”

Lit in wine red, Lisa, Faye, Claire, Ian and Lee sit in the car of the destroyed city. People, with dirty faces, stand on the sidewalk. Fires burn in the street.

Claire stands under an arch in the desert. Faye move arms in front of her as she stands by the mountains.

The people on the sidewalk begin their dance routine. Claire, Faye, Lisa, Ian and Lee stay in the center of the sidewalk as it rains.

They look up at the sky, in casual clothes and unpainted faces, and stand by the car.

Lisa reaches with her hands under the columns. Broken metal pieces are stacked in a pile behind her. Lee spreads out his arms while he stands underneath the porch. Sparks rise from the ground as Faye lifts up her arms. A bright yellow light shines underneath Claire’s feet. Ian crosses his hands while he stands in the desert.

Lisa, Claire and Faye sit in the backseat of the car while Ian drives.

Rating: 4.5/5

Lisa washes the paint off her face. The revolution was over. It had been hard-fought and exhausting. She led marches and spoke at events. She rallied people who wanted to recognize their world again. Although, she wanted to give up. For years, they were discounted and discredited. No one wanted to listen. Their warnings went unheeded.

After multiple bombings and lives lost, people began to pay attention. Claire became the de facto leader. She organized meetings with the whisteblowers in the government. Ian often accompanied her and provided her with research. Claire developed traditions for communities and helped with aid. Lee built up the cities, ensuring they had parks and schools again. It had taken over a decade but they were able to bring back the world they remembered.

They had been children when the bombings happened. Lisa, Claire, Lee, Ian and Faye had met each other staying in makeshift shelters. Lisa was the last of her family. Claire’s siblings were missing. She had seen last them a few years ago. Ian had found some extended family. Lee and Faye had heard of sightings of their family members. But they had given up hope. But they knew they had each other.

Director: N/A Year: 2017


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