Video Review: Partners In Kryme “Turtle Power”

From a clip of the 1990 film, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Leonardo, Donatello, Michaelangelo and Raphael jump into the sewer. The Turtles fight on the sidewalk at night.

At night, MC Golden Voice, stands by a graiffied building,

From a clip, April O’Neill (Judith Hoag) gets robbed. In his lair, Shredder throws a knife at O’Neill’s image on the television. Raphael saves her in the parking structure and carries her. The Turtles leap over the chain-link fence.

The Turtles fight off a criminal over a dumpster. MC Golden Voice dances in the street. Donatello and Raphael stand next to him and nod.

The Turtles fight off the villains in the kitchen of an abandoned home. They fall through the floor of a building.

The mayor awards the Turtles medals. The cheerleaders throw up their skirts and show off their “Turtle Power” underwear. A marching band plays behind the mayor.

In a clip from the movie, Leonardo talks with Splinter.

The Turtles eat pizza at the diner.

In a clip, the Turtles fight Shredder on the rooftop. The Turtles dance in front of Splinter. Splinter remarks “kids.”

Rating: 2/5

April O’Neill was the only one who cared. She wanted to keep the city safe. Leonardo thought she was a great reporter and deserved to be giving the news on a national show. Splinter warned them to be careful and see if they could trust her.

While walking in an alley, Leonardo said that Splinter had a point. Raphael told him she was a person like everyone else. They saw her reporting news throughout the city. She talked to the people in the ignored places. April, though, had reached out to them after finding them. She put her hand over her mouth. They told her it was okay. She said she had heard of them. Her editors and local police officers were trying to figure out their idenities. Raphael explains their story to her and asks her to tell no one.

She moves them into her home and tries to get them to try different things. However, they thank her but tell her they prefer pizza. It helps them to maintain their strength. They tell her they are going to scour the city for crime. But when they return in the morning, they realize she’s missing.

It was time to tell their secret. They needed to find April. Some of the detectives offered them their information. A few police officers allowed them access to their databases. The news station was less forthcoming, though. Information had led them to Shredder. Using their weapons, they defeat Shredder. Crime in the city drops by fifty percent overnight.

April and the Turtles are honored by the mayor for their work. April tells them she found a job on the a national news station. They pack up their bags and follow her into the next city.

Director: N/A Year: 1990

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