Video Review: Twenty One Pilots “Nico and the Niners”

Large pipes expel fumes into the city of Dema. A vulture sits on top of a building. Tyler watches it flaps it wings through the window inside the building. He holds a dandelion and puts it in a box.

On the first floor, the bishops walk down the aisle of the church. The twentysomething men and women, dressed in a plain blue uniform sit in the pews. Tyler packs his bag in his room.

Josh, wearing a jacket with a yellow stripe, carries a torch as he leads the group of rebels through a tunnel.

The bishops begin their ritual in the church.

Josh and the rebels walk in the city. Josh spots Tyler opening a window in the building. He meets the rebels on the first floor. He and Josh shake hands. They perform in the hallway. The bishops listen upstairs and head for the hallway. The rebels scurry to the tunnel.

Two ten-year-old children find a rebel’s jacket and watch the bishops as they approach.

Rating: 4.5/5

Tyler closed his window. The thick stench of death was unbearable. He gasped for air and stared at the dandelion. It had wilted. For a few days, though, it had life in it. Life was hard to come by in the city. For those whom he sat next to in the pews knew their fate. They were resigned to follow tradition and not fight back.

The rebels, though, were determined to turn Dema into an actual city rather than a foreboding symbol. Although Tyler knew they aware of him, he wasn’t sure if they were tracking his whereabouts. There was no to alert. He had to hope they were looking for him.

In camp, Josh pats him on the back and tells him to rest. He asks how he was able to hide from the bishops. Tyler says he faked being sick. The bishops believed he was already dying and let him be. Josh tells it was the smart thing to do. He tells him to hold on a little longer. Tyler asks about the other people in the building. Josh puts his head down and says their priority is finding people. The ones in the church, even though, they are living, cannot be saved. They are too much of a risk. Josh tells him they have a long day tomorrow and hands him a blanket. Tyler tucks himself in with the blanket and falls asleep on the floor.

Director: Andrew Donoho Year: 2018

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