Video Review: Billie Eilish “You Should See Me In A Crown”

A crown sits on the beige floor, crawling with spiders. She lifts up the crown.

She tilts her head as she watches a spider crawl on her knuckles. Moving her right hand over, she lets the spider walk on her palm. With her finger, she hangs it from her lip.

Wearing the crown, the spider walks on her chin. Three spiders walk on her forehead and on her tennis shoes.

They walk on her sweatshirt. A spider stays by her eye. She opens her mouth and a spider walks on her tongue. She holds a spider in her hand. She looks at the spider as it walks on her wrist.

Rating: 3.5/5

A popular young woman screams and jumps out of her from her desk. The teacher asks her what’s wrong. She says she saw a spider on the floor and points to it. Her boyfriend picks it up with a tissue and squeezes. Billie Eilish sits at her desk and stifles a laugh. Her best friend bursts out laughing and Eilish snorts. The popular young woman and her classmates turn to glare at her.

In her bedroom, she sets her books down and says hello her pet spiders. She feeds them some insects and tells them about her day. She asks them if they want to come out for a little bit. Her spiders crawl on her arms and legs. The spider scurries towards a dresser and she rushes past it. Scooping up in her palm, she tells him he knows better than to go under the dresser.

Sitting at her desk, she works on her homework. She waves to her spiders and tells them she thinks she’s going to pass the test. Her mother knocks on her door and says “dinner is ready.” She says she’ll be there in a second. She pets her spiders and tells them she’ll give them a treat after dinner.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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