Video Review: Depeche Mode “Personal Jesus”

In Almeria, Spain, a fiftysomething woman runs towards her brothel.

Martin, Andy, Dave and Alan drive through the Tabernas Desert. They string their horses to a pole. Martin stands by his horse while chickens walk on the ground.

Through a beige filter, four young women wait for them inside. One young woman walks up the stairs as another leans against the railing on the second floor. Martin places his hands on the railing.

A fortysomething woman fluffs her long hair. A thirtysomething woman places her hands on her hips. Martin, Dave, Andy and Alan walk up the stairs and each enter a room. Martin sits on the end of the bed and tips his cowboy hat.

Andy fans himself as he sits on a chair outside. Alan rides a toy horse. They perform in front of the brothel. Andy rides his horse and stops to make a call on a payphone.

Alan lies out in the sun. Martin raises his hands over his head as he stands underneath an arch. A cowboy hat gets tossed onto a stand. Martin reaches with his hands as he stands by the wall of the brothel.

Rating: 4/5

The thirtysomething woman leans against the wall. She hopes Martin chooses her. They watch from upstairs as the fiftysomething madam talks with Martin, Andy, Alan and Dave. The cowboys were the most unpredictable. Some had a bloodlust. However, the young women believed they were brooding, trying to figure out themselves as they broke the law.

The thirtysomething young woman talks with Martin between kisses. Martin tells her they were run out of town. Their town had become corrupt. The sheriff had put out a wanted sign throughout the states. They had to be careful. She says they are safe here.

Andy walks away from the young woman and says he needs some time alone. He had fallen for her. While on the run, he had tried not to get attached to people. At any time, he knows he might have to seperate from his Martin. Andy whispers to Martin they should be able to get by with a couple extra days.

A pounding on the door wakes up Andy. The madam shouts for him to get out of the room. Andy gives her a kiss and says he won’t ever forget her. He says once he’s free, he’ll come find her. The young woman sobs in the bedroom as Andy leaves. The madam lectures the young woman that her feelings do not matter.  She says she’s welcome to leave with him, if he chooses.

The young woman looks down. She’ll endanger them and risk Andy’s life. Although she really wants to go, she knows she can’t. She tells the madam she’ll follow the rules and stay.

Director: Anton Corbjin Year: 1989

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