Video Review: Cardi B “Press”

Cardi B makes out with a young woman in a bathroom. She pulls a man’s face away from her with her hands. The young man leans against the stall. Wearing a white bra and panties, she smokes in the bathroom. Running her hand through her hair, she pulls out her gun and shoots.

Outside a courthouse, fans hold up signs proclaiming her innocence. The police officers grab and put her in the chair in the interrogation room. She places her feet on the table and pulls at the police officer’s tie. The second police restrains her. She takes the police officer’s cigarette and blows smoke in his face.

She walks naked in a warehouse.

Wearing a white outfit, she strides into the courthouse.

In the warehouse, rows of naked people stand with her and perform a dance routine.

She presents her defense in the courtroom while the court reporters turn their heads. One judge bangs his gavel. A second judge tells her to shut up. She consults with her lawyers. Two fortysomething people point at her as they argue.

People scatter in the courtroom as the two fortysomething lie dead on the floor.

In the warehouse, the naked people lie dead on the floor.

Two guards lead her into her cell and throw her inside. Her cellmate sneers at her. Cardi B drowns her in the toilet.

She walks naked in the warehouse by herself.

Rating: 5/5

Cardi B licks her lips as she shoots the gun. As she stares at the dead people lying on the ground, she knows she had a good life. She saw the entire world in a few years and accomplished everything she wanted. However, people were coming after fortune. They were accusing her of nearly killing them and ruining their lives. She did what she what to do.

Lawyers refused to take on her case. She fired the lawyers who advised her to be quiet. She only spared their lives in case she needed their help again. Otherwise, she stopped caring. It was easier than trying to be liked all the time. Being personable and open had led to other lawsuits and problems.

In solitary confinement, she bursts out laughing. She taunts the outline of an person standing by. She chants and screams. There’s no reason to care. The people she murdered stole from her little by little. There is nothing for her anymore.

Director: Jora Frantzis Year: 2019

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