Video Review: Mr. President “Coco Jamboo”

George, Judith and Daniela walk along a beach in Carúpano, Venezuela. in the afternoon. Judith sleeps on a tree limbs while she sun bathes.

They dance on the beach.

At night, Daniela dances with a young man during the Carnival.

Judith leans against a rock on the beach. She sits on a chair and looks at the beach.

George swings on a hammock in their home and talks with Daniela. Judith leans against a pillar.

During the Carnival, a young man breathes fire from his mouth. Several people walk in a building, dressed in their costumes. Judith dances on a seashell platforms while George and Daniela stay on the sand.

They continue to walk along the beach.

Rating: 2.5/5

Judith unpacks her bikini in their room and says she’s going to sunbathe on the beach. Daniela says she wants to get a drink at the bar. They walk by George, who’s sleeping in the hammock. Daniela says she’ll come by the check on them in about two hours.

Daniela sips her drink. The bartender asks if she’s going to the Carnival Festival. She tells him she and her friends planned their trip around it. She asks him where she may be able to find some good parties. He writes out a map for her and indicates the various sections. She stares at his map and figures out a plan while she walks back home.

George wakes up and finds Judith on the beach. Daniela waves to them and they walk over to her. She tells them the bartender told her where to go for the best street parties. She gives Judith her necklace. At night, Daniela follows the map and directs them where to go as they walk past the various people in costume. Judith takes pictures with her camera. George dances and joins the band. Daniela kisses a young man. She introduces them to her friends. He asks her out on the date the next day. She agrees to meet him for lunch.

At about 5 a.m., Judith mutters that she’s too old for this while sleeping on Daniela’s shoulder as they walk. George holds onto Judith to maintain his balance. Daniela fumbles for the keys and opens the door. Judith lies down on the floor and snores. George finds a chair while Daniela sleeps on the bed.

Director: John Buche Year: 1996

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