Video Review: Bryan Adams “Summer Of ’69”

In black-and-white, Bryan Adams runs out of a van. He leaps over a fence, carrying his guitar case and slips a beer in his jacket. While walking, he drops the case on the ground and puts the guitar over his shoulder. He chugs the beer in his friend’s garage and continues to play.

One of his friends from the band waves from the back of his car on his wedding day. Piles of wood crush his guitar.

In color, Adams swings on the hammock in his backyard as a reporter takes notes. He falls from the hammock.

Back in black-and-white, he works at the Chilliwack Drive-In and falls asleep while pulling the strings. As the movie plays, he sleeps. The people shout for him to move. A young woman climbs up the ladder to the screen and wakes him up. They stare into each other’s eyes as they walk in the field.

In color, he walks away from her in the field.

Back in black-and-white, he stomps out a fire in the alley and kicks open a door of a store. He and his friends knock over cans and throw food at one another. The police car rolls up to the store and Adams calls out “go!” They run out as the police officers trip over the tomatoes.

In color, he passes a trespassing sign and plays his guitar in his friend’s garage. His old girlfriend looks over her shoulder at him. His husband asks her “who is that?” She insists that it’s “no one.” He slams on the brakes.

Rating: 5/5

Bryan Adams teaches his little boy a chord on the guitar. His little boy plays it correctly. Adams tells him he did a good job. His little boy says he wants to stay with him longer. Adams hugs his son and wishes he could but mommy wants to spend time with him, too. His little boy asks if he and mommy are going to get back together. Adams says not likely.

Adams kisses his son goodbye and walks with him to his ex-wife’s car. His ex-wife ignore him and asks their little boy if he wants to go out for ice cream. He tells him to keep practicing. His little boy tells his mom that he learned a new song. She says she’ll listen to it later.

Life should’ve turned out much differently. As a teenager, he dated a young woman for about a year. He really loved her. They even talked about getting married at one point. However, he believed they had plenty of time. He had run into her at the grocery store a few months ago. Glancing at her hand, he saw the ring on the finger and knew it was too late. They’d never have their second chance. Although she didn’t acknowledge her husband or mention him, he might as well as been with her. It was over. He wouldn’t be able to get the time back.

Director: Steve Barron Year: 1985

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