Video Review: Ed Sheeran & Khalid “Beautiful People”

A thirtysomething woman and man wait in the Passport Control line at the airport. Two staff members of the airport lead them to a limousine. They share snacks. The thirtysomething man watches two luxury cars speed by them.

A twentysomething young woman, wearing a bikini, greets them in the mansion. They set up their lawn chairs and cooler as they watch twentysomething people dance. Someone pops up a bottle of champagne. The thirtysomething man opens his liter of soda.

A sixtysomething man and several twentysomething wave their arms as they sail on a yacht. The thirtysomething man spits into a bucket while sitting next to a group of models. Two models feed each other grapes as the thirtysomething wears his goggles.

At a fashion show, the thirtysomething woman crosses her arms and puffs out her cheeks while the young man sleeps next to her. They dance together at a party. The twentysomething woman, wearing mesh and off-the-shoulder tops, gyrate against one another. A twentysomething woman, wearing sunglasses and a black bodysuit, throws money into the crowd. The thirtysomething man picks it up.

Ed Sheeran and a couple of friends ride in a luxury Hummer at night.

During the party, the thirtysomething man and woman work on crossword puzzles as they sit on the couch. He holds her hand on the plane. They roll their luggage past their driver and walk onto the bus.

Rating: 0/5

The thirtysomething woman asks the man if he noticed the gold plated border in the bathroom. He shakes his head as he slurps his soda. She says it was so tacky. She shakes her head as the young women in bikini walk by her. She says they have no respect for themselves. She complains it’s so excessive and that she can barely pay her bills.

The twentysomething woman, wearing a bikini, asks them if they need anything and says there’s a buffet inside the mansion. The thirtysomething man’s straw drops from his mouth. The woman crosses her legs and assures them their ham sandwiches are fine.

The public relations coordinator offers the thirtysomething man and woman some clothing from the fashion show. The thirtysomething woman cringes and says she’ll never wear it. She says thanks but no thanks. The thirtysomething man says he has no use for any suits. The public relations coordinator responds with “all right” and walks away.

While on the bus, the thirtysomething woman ignores texts from the airline, asking if there were any problems. She sighs and types back that she wanted to take the bus instead. The thirtysomething man says it wasn’t for him and thanks him for the good time.

Director: Andy McLeod Year: 2019

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