Video Review: Kim Carnes “You Make My Heart Beat Faster (And That’s All That Matters)”

Kim Carnes watches a checkered flag wave as she stands next to her car at the Riverside Raceway in Riverside, California. As she drives, she glances at the desert.

She performs on stage at the club.

She pulls up to a home in an upper-class neighborhood and meets her husband (Ian McShane) in the driveway. He holds her hand. They pour wine into their glasses and set it back on the white tablecloth. She hands him the gravy boat as he takes a bite of the steak.

They photograph one another. In the evening, they race each other to the tree. They talk and drink wine while a fire burns in the fireplace. As she drives, she thinks of him. He reads the newspaper as he sits on the swing.

Steve Webb drives his race car on the track. She shields her eyes as she watches her boyfriend race.

Smoke rises from his engine as he stands over the hood. He finds a payphone and calls her to pick him up.

A checkered flag waves in the air.

Rating: 3/5

Kim Carnes smiles at her husband while she sees him sitting at the table. She points him out to the audience and says he never fails to miss a show. For about 7 years, he’s followed her from lounges across the state. He was a customer at one of the bars she played at when they met. After a show, he bought her a drink. She told him she didn’t date customers. At the time, she wasn’t interested in being tied down. She had dated some members of the band and had some one-night stands in some cities. He said he was there only for her.

She supported him in his race car hobby. He helped design cars at his job and liked to drive fast. She was afraid to drive with him at first. He eventually slowed down. However, she thinks it was an accident they had which made him stop. He had gone with her the hospital. He had apologized her as they wrapped up her wrist.

It was his national debut. His hobby was becoming a job. He had earned some extra money by winning some local races and was moving up in the rankings. She quit her job as a secretary at the office. His job had allowed her to pursue her singing. Although she liked working in the office, it was a time for her sacrifice for him. She gave a farewell performance at the lounge. There’ll be other bars to perform in Florida.

Director: N/A Year: 1983

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