Video Review: K-Ci & JoJo “All My Life”

In the front row, K-Ci and JoJo watch people wave to them. The pianist plays on stage. K-Ci sings into the microphone. JoJo touches the microphone with his gloved hand. A young woman gazes at JoJo.

A thirtysomething woman receives a hug from her son. An six-year-old girl smiles at her mother as she holds the handle of the ride at the park. The thirtysomething mom helps her son with his homework at the kitchen table.

JoJo touches the young woman’s chin. The young woman smiles at him.

A twentysomething father talks with his child as he sits with his wife on the couch. A homeless man asks for a person passing by him for food or money. The fiftysomething woman hands him a plastic container of food.

K-Ci throws his jacket to the audience.

Two 15-year-old young women talk on a bed.

A thirtysomething man and his girlfriend hold hands as they ice skate at the outdoor rink. A second twentysomething women feeds her shirtless boyfriend some food. He leans in to kiss her.

JoJo throws his scarf to the young woman. She claps for him.

A father helps his daughter learn how to ride a bicycle.

K-Ci puts his arm around JoJo.

Rating: 2/5

The young woman had loved JoJo for years. She attended each tour ever since she was a teenager. Her best friends usually went with her. However, jobs and children had caused them to cancel. Nothing was going to stop her. The tickets were for the front row. Her best friends asked for pictures and promised to make it up with another concert of her choice.

JoJo had spotted her and picked her out to sit with her during a song. While backstage, an his assistant asked her if she wanted to meet them after the show. She shakes her head “yes” and puts the VIP lanyard around her neck. As she walks back to her seat, the assistant tells her it’s okay if she watches from backstage.

During intermission, JoJo asks if she’s enjoying the show. She nods and he says they’ll talk more once the show is finished. She sings along with the songs and drinks champagne. After the show, JoJo says they can finally be alone. They kiss and wants to know if she go out tonight. She answers “yes” right away.

She slow dances with JoJo at the club and tells she’s having an amazing time. He tells her it doesn’t have to be over yet and that she can join them on the tour bus. She says she has to pack a bag. He asks for her information and says that his assistant will pick her up tomorrow. He gives her another kiss and rubs her shoulders.

Director: Lara M. Schwartz Year: 1998

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