Video Review: Lizzo “Truth Hurts”

A friend places a veil on Lizzo’s head. Lizzo, wearing white lingerie, sits on her day bed. In her bedroom, her two friends laugh as they sit next to her.

Wearing a wedding dress, she walks down the aisle. Her friends stand beside her. A fiftysomething man wipes the tears off her mother’s face. A groomsman cries. A young woman gets up from the chair and tells off Lizzo. Her friends roll their eyes. The groomsman’s jaw drops.  Her friends whisper to one another.

Lit in aqua, Lizzo kicks a spotted ball at the reception. Her friends dance by the cake and pose for photos. She holds a bottle of champagne.

She and her friends play with their flowers on her bed. She dances with the young woman during the reception and shares cake with her in the photo area.

At the wedding, a second version of herself waves at Lizzo at winks. During the reception, she closes her eyes and smiles while her friends dance.

Rating: 5/5

Lizzo asks her mother to help her zip up her wedding dress. Her mother tells she doesn’t have to go through with it. Lizzo explains that she has cried for weeks. She begged her fiance to come back to her. She kowtowed to his demands, hoping he would compromise. Cancelling was out of the question. She wasn’t going to give up her one day for him.

During her wedding, her mother continues to sob. One of her friends tells her that she needs stop playing the victim and be strong. Lizzo responds that she’s doing what’s right for her and that she doesn’t have to justify herself to anyone. Her best friends chime in that she kick-started the drama in the first place. Her friends gasp as they sit in their chairs.

At the reception, the friend apologizes and says she didn’t want them to break up. However, he had kissed her and she wanted Lizzo to know. She wasn’t aware of him cheating on with her with someone else. Lizzo hugs her friend and says it’s okay.

She knows she’ll be okay, though. While on the beach, she watches the couples walk hand-in-hand and disappear into their rooms. It won’t be her for a long time. She had plans for herself, none of which involved a man.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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