Video Review: Regina “Baby Love”

In her apartment, Regina puts on her jacket and dials the phone as she stands by the couch.

A thirtysomething man turns around in his chair and faces the detectives entering his office. He hands them a photograph of Regina.

Regina drinks orange juice as she listens to her messages. She grabs her purse and leaves her apartment. Wearing headphones, she reads the sheet music as she records a song in the studio.

The detectives walk into her apartment. They place microphones under her table and hide video cameras in the ceiling.

Regina dances during a photo shoot for her single. The detectives signal one another while they watch her. A detective switches out of the film. The photographer waits for her as she talks on the phone. In the darkroom, the photographer’s assistant develops the photos.

Regina watches people lie on top of one another at a club while she talks on the phone. The detective sits at his desk and views footage from the photo shoot.

She returns home and sits on her couch. The detectives turn to watch her on their television screens. One of the detectives knocks over a box and cringes. A second detective hands over Regina’s file to the thirtysomething man.

She picks up her phone and finds the microphone underneath the table. Holding up a sign stating, “Love, Regina,” she waves to the camera as the detective watches it on his computer monitor.

Rating: 2/5

The detective agency was out of business. Never had Regina been so violated. She had to move out of her apartment. Although the footage had been found and erased, she believed there was still video somewhere. One of the detectives had a crush on her and wanted to follow her. He had made up a story that she was a part of cheating scandal with one of the clients.

A young woman had knocked on her door and told her she was a homewrecker. Regina told her to leave her property and she had no idea who she was. The young woman says she’ll see her in court. Regina called her parents, asking for their advice. She had threatened to sue her. However, she had received a subpoena from the young woman.

The lawsuit had almost bankrupted her. Even though she won the case, she ended up breaking even. It had been a two-year process of hearings and depositions. She had wanted to settle and be able to move on. However, the detective agency’s lawyers insisted on a trial.

In her new apartment, she checks the furniture and any plants for hidden microphones. She can’t trust anybody.

Director: N/A Year: 1986

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