Video Review: MAX “Worship”

Against a beige background, MAX wears pink glasses and sings. He walks across the floor and a monkey follows him.

He sprawls out on the floor, his hands by his chin. The monkey sits on his shoulder as he sings. The monkey jumps on his back while he sits on the floor.

The monkey touches his face as he stands his shoulder. They both ruffle their hair. The monkey takes off his glasses and throws them on the ground. He dances. The monkey dances on a mustard yellow column. He gives the monkey a high-five. The monkey writes in a notebook. He and the monkey stick out their tongues. The monkey rubs its hands together.

While he stands in the center, several versions of MAX move across the screen. He cuddles the monkey in his arms.

The monkey holds up MAX’s glasses and chews on them. He gives the monkey a kiss.

He continues to dance in the center.

Rating: 1/5

MAX renews his zoo membership online and reads their latest newsletter. He sets up the stuffed monkeys in his bedroom. His parents and friends have been buying him stuffed monkeys and figurines since he was a kid. It has become a joke between his family and friends. However, he loves animals. Monkeys are his favorite.

As a child, his parents took him to the zoo whenever he could. Once he was an adult, he visited all the time and even volunteered there for a couple of years. He usually stayed at the monkey exhibit the longest. He and his wife traveled throughout the United States, finding interactive zoos.

At the San Diego Zoo in San Diego, California, he was able to help train a monkey and spend the day with them. At least once a month, he sends a check to his local zoo to the exhibit. He is considered one of the major small-time donors and has even has his name somewhere on the exhibit. The keepers know him and ask him if he wants to spend time with the monkeys. They let him feed them. One of the monkeys runs over to him and gives him a kiss. He kisses the monkey on the cheek and says he wishes he could take him home.

Director: Jade Ehlers Year: 2019

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