Video Review: Natalie Cole “Jump Start”

Against a sky blue background, Natalie Cole’s face spins within a drawing of a record player.She dances within small circle and thin triangles, connected by squiggly white lines.

Against a mustard yellow background, she snaps her fingers as sketches of a transmitters and electronic devices appear in front of her face.

Cole and her dancers perform at a festival.

Rotating between black-and-white and color, people dance at the park.

The colors switching from lime green to bubblegum pink, she continues to snap her fingers as she dances.

A young man kicks a soccer ball. A young woman looks through the binoculars at the park and views Cole dancing against the mustard yellow background. People roller skate backwards on the pavement. A group of people do wheelies on their bicycles. A second young woman, listening to music on her headphones, dances,

During sunrise, she sits by the lake. Several dancers perform a routine by the pier.

The electronic devices connect to one another on the screen as Cole continues to dance against the mustard yellow background.

A few people run on the grass. A fourth young woman covers her eyes.

Against the mustard yellow background, she and her dancers clap their hands.

Rating: 3/5

Natalie Cole sits on a bench after her performance. She asks her dancers if they saw the one of the roller skaters flip over the pavement. She puts her hand to heart and she almost went over there to catch him. Her dancer says they are planning to go boating after the show. She says she’d like to go.

While on the pier, she licks her ice cream and watches as the families pack up their blankets for the day. She sits on a swing. One of her dancers pushes her and she giggles, saying she almost dropped her ice cream. The dancer says she hopes to take a walk tomorrow before they leave. Cole says she’ll go with her. She says they’ve really built up the park since she was a kid. She points to the other side of the park and says all of it was added. Her dancer says she and her family used to come here, too. She says her mom says hi and that’s she going to try stop by in the morning. Cole says she should bring her mother along. They haven’t talked in a long time.

As the sun sets, Cole says they should get going. She says she wishes they had another couple days. The dancer says vacation is coming up soon. Cole laughs and tells her it’s not soon enough. During the summer, the last place she wants to be is on a bus or a plane.

Director: N/A Year: 1987

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