Video Review: Kodak Black “Testimony”

Kodak Black opens the door of the church. A hooded man stands in the center of the aisle with his hands in his pockets. Black puts on his glasses and walks down the aisle. A second  hooded man glares at him as he leans against the wall. The priest gives his sermon while the handful of people listen in the pews.

He stands in the center of the aisle of the empty church.

Black sits in a pew.

Black stands on the balcony and raps.

A bible lays open. The bread wafers fall onto a golden cross.

Black walks up to the altar. He takes the priest’s hand. In the blood red water, he holds his nose while the priest baptizes him. He wipes his face off with a towel. While shaking out his hair, the people clap for him.

Rating: 4/5

It was although Kodak Black never left the church. He still could recall when to say each “amen.” However, he had to mumble through the long prayers. He remembered bits and pieces of it. God had slipped away from him years ago and he had given into sin. He believed he was going to Hell and wanted to save himself. While at home, his parents asked him if he wanted to attend Mass with them. He didn’t have anything else to do and decided he would people watch.

As he staring at the people in the row in front of the him, the priest’s words about forgiveness caught his attention. He watched as the priest spoke that even the most evil person can become good, if given a chance. Black choked up as he stood up and said “amen.”

During his baptism, the weight of his sins dissolved in the water. He was a new person again. During the reception, the people congratulated him and shared their stories of how they found God. Tomorrow, he’ll work at the soup kitchen. God was his main focus now.

Directors: JD Films & Kodak Black Year: 2018

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