Video Review: Priscilla Renae “Dollhouse”

Priscilla Renae swings her legs from an oversized chair.

Wearing a dress, she sits on a bed and waves her finger inside a dollhouse. Her boyfriend plays video games in the family room. She kicks over the miniature dollhouse on the floor and flings pillows onto the first floor. Her boyfriend stands up and looks up at the ceiling.

On a table, she and her boyfriend stand underneath a lamp as he cleans his car. She sits on the hood. He tells her to get off. She stands on top of the car as he tells her to get down. She plays the guitar while standing on top of the car.

While on the desk, he sits in a tank, its gun aimed at her. Wire coils around her body, she sits in a chair. Her boyfriend watches as she becomes a giant. She untangles herself from the coil and picks up the tank. Her boyfriend avoids her foot as she tries to stomp on him. He hangs by her fingers over she places him over a box. She drops him in the box, shakes it and puts it in the mail.

Rating: 2/5

Student Ken was more than Priscilla Renae could handle. Although she was pleased Skipper moved out, she realized that Student Ken read all day and played video games in between. He couldn’t handle any responsibility. She urged him to take her out. However, he explained that he had exams and offered her ramen. He was letdown after living with Dream Date Ken.

Dream Date Ken, though, had been her longest relationship. She was with him for two blissful years. He preferred a lavish life. They had a swimming pool and Mustang back then. He’d say he’d fight for her. Watching him leave was tough for her. She knew it wasn’t his choice.

Baywatch Ken had been tolerable. He was obsessed with the beach and saving lives. He had the made the news several times. She had been dating a hero. She suspected he was cheating on her with some of the ladies he saved. The loss of Army Ken broke her heart. Out of all the Kens, she loved him the most. She told him she would pray for him to come back. She never stopped.

Barista Ken, though, worked hard. Although they scraped by, she cared for him. He promised her that they would own a cafe together. He surprised with their own cafe last year. She asked him how he was able to afford it. He said it was available at the right price and he scooped it up. She had hired Skipper and Christie. The cafe may not have been what she wanted. However, it was something she really liked doing.

Director: N/A Year: 2009

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