Video Review: Lionel Richie “You Are”

At night, a young woman dances on the sidewalk. A young man spins past her and throws his cane. Lionel Richie catches it as he stands by the bridge.

Three women stand by Richie. In silhouette, several snap their fingers and dance as they stand on the other side of the bridge.

The second  young man and woman dance together near some barriers next to an apartment building. The young man twirls his cane over his body.

By the bridge, the people put their arms around each other and sing along. Richie throws the cane back to the young man. The young man walks away.

Rating: 2/5

The young man gazes at the woman standing on the corner, waiting for the bus. Lionel Richie whispers that he should say something. He shrugs and says she hasn’t noticed him once. Richie walks over to the young woman and points to the young man. Richie tells him the young man would like to get to know her. However, he’s too afraid to come over. The young woman says she’s been thinking of him. Richie says he thinks she would get along with the young man.

Lionel Richie walks over to his friends. Within his circle, at least three couples are married. His friends keep trying to set him up. However, he tells him he’s okay being by himself. He believes he will know right away if he has met the right person. The right person hasn’t come along yet.

At a party, a mutual friend smiles at him and he looks down. He’s known her as a friend for years. However, he feels their relationship change within the minute. He kept looking for her around the party. Tapping his friend on the shoulder, he asks if they know where their mutual friend went. His friend says she went home. His friend smiles and says they’ll tell her.

Director: N/A Year: 1983

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