Video Review: Miley Cyrus “Mother’s Daughter”

Lit in bubblegum pink, a young woman, with braces on her teeth, chews gum.

Against a red background, a message reads: “Every Woman Is A Riot.”

Against a pink background, Miley Cyrus, wearing a red catsuit, sits on the floor. As she dances, she pumps her arms.

Two wet, plastic breasts rub against one another.

A young woman wears a pad in her underwear.

Angelina Duplisea sits naked on a couch and fans herself. Amazon Ashley struts on the floor as “Virginity Is A Social Construct” is written on the screen. Mari Copeny, also known as Little Miss Flint, puts her hands on her hips of her superhero costume.

Pins rest inside a woman’s stretch marks. A zipper closes.

Melanie Sierra, wearing a crown, breastfeeds a baby.

A message reads: “Tough Titties.” She rests her head on Vendela’s chest.

Lacey Baker holds her skateboard. Aaron Philip turns from left to right in her wheelchair.

Against the fuzzy pink background, tears roll down her cheek.

Casil McArthur stands shirtless, wearing pink lipstick. Paige Fralix, with the words written “I Am Free” stands as the billows behind her.

Another message reads: “Not An Object.” She sits on a couch, wearing vintage Chanel, her head on her mother’s shoulder. She sits on a horse and holds up her sword. In the red catsuit, she puts her head on her knee as she sits on the floor.

Rating: 5/5

Miley Cyrus buys a package of maxi pads at the grocery store. Her first day was usually heavy and she was worried about leaking through her new jeans. Her friends have told her they don’t know how they can she wear it all day. To them, it’s like wearing a diaper. They say she should use tampons instead. The clerk stares at her unshaved legs and armpits. She hands him her credit card and puts her arm as close to him as possible.

She had covered up her armpit hair for a while. Sometimes she wasn’t able to shave in the morning. During the 95+ degree weather, her back was wet with sweat. It was uncomfortable for her. She started wearing tank tops and shorts again. People often looked her up and down whenever they saw the extra hair on her body. However, it was her body. She could grow all the hair out if she wanted. It was her choice.

Her husband waves at a friend’s baby while at dinner. Their friend excuses herself and says she has to breastfeed. Cyrus tells her to pop open the shirt and stay. She adds her food is going to get cold. Her friend says she’s gotten complaints from the servers about her breastfeeding. Her husband says it’s not a big deal. Cyrus shudders, saying it creeps her out that people view it as sexual. The server walks up to the table and asks her to go to the bathroom. Cyrus tells them they’re leaving. Her friend holds the blanket over her breast as she continues to feed her baby. She apologizes to Cyrus and her husband. Cyrus tells them not to worry about it. They’ll find another place to eat.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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