a boogie wit da hoodie swervin

Video Review: A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie “Swervin”

The wing of the airplane explodes as A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie flies in the air. He gets out of his seat while people scream. He sits on a couch at a store while a young woman twirls her hair. She turns around and sees three other young men watching her. He touches her neck as they stand in the family room.

He sits in a chair in a laboratory. A heart monitor stands next to him. Tubes of different colors sit on a table. People watch him behind a screen. Money flies in the air as he sits in the booth at the strip club with his friends. He holds up two stacks of money. He hangs suspended in the air in an office.

In the rain, he pulls up his hoodie at night as he stands next to a graffitied wall. He stands upside down on the ceiling of a kitchen. As the snow falls, he pulls his hoodie over his head. On the mountain, he taps the young woman on the shoulder.

Rating: 3/5

The young woman flashed in A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie’s eyes as he searched for a place to hide on the plane. He should’ve talked her. However, he believed he would have a chance to run into her again.

He thinks of her in his dressing room. One of his friends spotted during a meet-and-greet and extended an invitation to backstage. She had mumbled that she liked his music and drank with his friends. She mainly talked with the other people who had gotten the passes.

If he lived, he promised himself he would find her. He would spend his money wisely. The flight he was on was last minute. He had missed it after being at the strip club. His assistant had called him, asking him where he was. She sent him a new ticket.

While the plane nosedives towards a snowy mountain, he sees her below, waiting. He asks her how she’s been and she says she’ll always be there. They hold hands and she tells him she has to go. He pleads with her to stay. She says she’ll him sometime again. She doesn’t know when and that everything is all right. He touches her face and watches her walk away.

Director: Edgar Esteves Year: 2019


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