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Video Review: Blondie “Island of Lost Souls”

On the Isles of Scilly in the United Kingdom, a group of male undertakers ride a rowboat. Fish-faced creatures in white robes, play the trombone by the rock near the ocean.

Debbie Harry, wearing a forest green dress, sits on the grass.

Wearing a white robe, she dances with the fish-faced creatures. She sits by the ocean.

In a flamenco dress, she dances around. A mariachi band follows her as she walks down concrete steps.

Lit in Parisian blue, she runs in the forest and sees men playing saxophone behind the bushes.

Wearing the flamenco dress, she dances by a statue in the forest. The fish-faced creatures play by the shore. In the forest green dress, she lies on the grass.

Rating: 3/5

The undertakers rowing towards Debbie Harry no longer scared her. The waves kept them from reaching the shore. They may be looking for the dead. However, there were none on the island.

She should’ve died months ago. The island had made her immortal and seemed to be frozen in time. Each day seemed to resembled the last. She listens to the mariachi band playing. They were clean-cut young men. However, their haunted eyes told another story. They never spoke and only played.

The fish-faced creatures had once been young men. They had been on the islands for several decades. However, time had changed them. They had given up on ever returning home. They had become who they believed they were.

Each day she was a new person. Sometimes, she danced with mariachi. Other days, she donned a robe and walked with the fish-faced creatures. Some days, she stayed by herself in the field, waiting for the boat. A stranger had promised her a boat, saying she had lightened her burden. Whether or not it was a lie, she had to have hope. She was afraid of what she turned into if she stopped.

Director: N/A Year: 1982


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