Video Review: Kygo & Rita Ora “Carry On”

A flashlight shines into an office building. Wearing an yellow coat, Rita Ora walks down the stairs with her flashlight inside the building.

She leans against the wall.

In a clip from the 2019 Pokémon Detective Pikachu film, Tim (Justice Smith) sits with the Detective Pikachu by the building. Detective Pikachu orders carryout at the diner. Holding a flashlight, Tim helps Detective Pikachu as he climbs on a filing cabinet.

Ora opens the door of the Rhyme City PD office.

From the film, Tim and Detective Pikachu look through the scattered files on the floor. Detective Pikachu sits on Tim’s shoulder. They walk through a swamp.

Lit in neon pink. Ora dances in the office. She looks through the files.

From the film, Detective Pikachu walks by himself.

She takes some files and smiles. She drives off in her car.

From the film, Tim, Detective Pikachu and Lucy (Kathryn Newton) stare into the sky as they sit on the field. Detective Pikachu faces off against a dragon in the ring.

She parks her car and continues to search the neighborhood. She sees a shadow of Detective Pikachu.

From the film, Tim flies through a tunnel. Detective Pikachu lands in the dragon’s mouth.

Ora smiles as she returns to her car.

Rating: 3/5

No one had heard from Detective Pikachu. Rita Ora, a detective, had been tracking his disappearance. He was last seen somewhere in Rhyme City. She searches through the police department’s files for clues. She turns on the computer and looks through the reports. There was a phone call from someone named Harry. She writes it down and puts it in her jacket.

She wasn’t the only one searching for Detective Pikachu, though. Detective Pikachu had been part of a fighting ring. Inputting the address into her GPS, she finds the area. Opening the gate, she sees the it has been cleared out. Hearing a noise, she turns her head and asks if anyone’s there. A dragon wobbles into the ring and asks what she wants. She says if he knows anything about Detective Pikachu. He says a teenaged kid saved him from near death and they never came. He tells her the underground ring has been shut down. Although the former fighters may have a place somewhere, he adds.

Finding another address, she continues to drive around the city. Detective Pikachu’s home was close by. She gets out of her car and walks up the the building. In silhouette, he waves to her. He’s okay and doing well. She returns to the office in the morning and closes the case.

Director: @jonawthin Year: 2019

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