Video Review: Stars On 54 “If You Could Read My Mind”

A disco ball spins with the 54 logo.

Jocelyn Enriquez, Amber and Ultra Naté watch the door disappear.

From the 1998 film, 54, Shane (Ryan Phillipe) takes off his shirt while waiting in line. Steve (Mike Myers) lets him past the velvet rope.

Julie (Neve Campbell) holds a disco ball.

Amber, Enriquez and Ultra Naté perform in a narrow baby blue hallway. From the clip, Steve laughs as people dance in the club. Enriquez and Ultra Naté continue to perform. Amber dances in a multi-colored lit room.

From the film, Anita (Salma Hayek) dances on stage. Steve rolls around in money. Julie kisses Shane.

The lights flash in the baby blue lit hallway and Enriquez dances by herself. Ultra Naté  sits on the floor of the multi-colored lit room. Enriquez swings from a disco ball.

From the clips, Shane lies awake in bed. Julie gazes out the window of the limousine.

Against a starry night sky, Enriquez and Ultra Naté take their turns holding a disco ball.

Amber, Enriquez and Ultra Naté  perform at 54.

From the film, photographers take photos outside the club.

Rating: 2.5/5

Amber dances next to Bianca Jagger as she time travels to the late 70s. Steve Rubell picks her out as his golden girl. He presents her to the crowd and introduces her to fashion designers and artists. She talks to Andy Warhol and kisses a few rock stars. Rubell promises her everlasting fame. However, she descends into a spiral of addiction. Returning to the present, she tells her friends Jocelyn Enriquez and Ultra Naté  it was an out-of-body experience. Enriquez offers her an amaretto sour and she turns it down. She says in the past she was an addict and she isn’t sure what it says about her.

Ultra Naté talks with the models in the dressing room. One of them gasps and asks why she isn’t dressed yet. She grabs her costume and performs for the celebrities in the crowd. She spots Amber on Rubell’s arm as he shouts that their break is over. He fires one of the dancers for dating a customer. She asks Rubell for a spot on stage and says she can sing. Rubell blows her off. While on stage, she belts out the song on stage. Rubell gestures for her to get off the stage. She stops and the crowd groans. Rubell shakes his head and motions for her to continue. After the number, Rubell cusses her out but tells her she has a permanent spot. Back in the present, she sticks with singing in karoake clubs. She’ll get noticed one day.

Jocelyn Enriquez tabulates the figures from the night before. She adds them twice. None of it matches her estimates. She checks the books from last year. They were making a profit. Something was wrong somewhere. While by Rubell’s office, she overhears him bragging about evading his taxes. She alerts the FBI and the club closes down. In the present, she puts down her book and says she’s going dancing. At the club, Ultra Naté gets her away from several men and brings her some water. She touches her head and says she needs to sit down. Amber says she’ll take her to the bathroom.

Director: N/A Year: 1998

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