Video Review: Jessie James “Wanted”

Jessie James tosses some cash on the front seat of her convertible and looks over her shoulder. A police officer (Erik von Detten) follows her. She parks her car in the motel lot and makes a call at the payphone. Some businessman film her and photograph her. He calls in her location to his boss.

She continues to drive and pulls up to a gas station. Lifting up, she dances. A mechanic comes out of the store to watch her. She takes him the shirt and walks back inside with him. She changes into the uniform and adds grease marks underneath her eyes.

At the gas station, the police officers check out her discarded clothes and leave.

Wearing a construction hat and a yellow hat, she holds up the “Slow Down” sign as the workers stand by the orange cones. She throws her out the construction hat as she drives off. The police officer turns around.

Carrying coffee, she dances as she works as a server in a diner. The police officers enter the diner. The police officer puts hand on her arm and goes through her duffel bag. He arrests her and throws her duffel bag in his car. She sits handcuffed in the back of the van.

He pulls to the shoulder of the road and lets her out of the van. As she leans against the window of the van, he unlocks the handcuffs. They kiss. She runs into the field as he drives away.

Rating: 2/5

Jessie James pouts as the police officer handcuffs her. She says she’ll give him a cut and promise to be charitable from now on. The police officer says her lover has already confessed to helping her. Her jaw drops and shakes her head, saying he wouldn’t. The police officer says he’s no longer of any help to her.

Her lover, a police officer, was the one who allowed her to get away with the robbery. He wanted the money as much as her. However, she believed he had some loyalty towards her. She gave him tips on some of her criminal friends while she allowed him to sleep with her.

During her hearing, she blows a kiss to the judge. He avoids her gaze. She waits for him outside his chambers as court adjourns for the day. He smiles and tells her he has missed her. She asks him about his daughter. He says she’s doing well. He thanks for getting his daughter out of trouble. She adds she was scared for her. The judge says her daughter was in over her head. He tells her not to worry and she’ll be out of jail soon.

Director: Travis Kopach Year: 2009

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