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Video Review: Post Malone & Young Thug “Goodbyes”

Post Malone, sits in his car, knife in hand as he watches a group of young men gather in the desert. His crush (Kathryn Newton) glances over her shoulder.

Wearing a leather jacket with Zombie written on the back, he walks over to the young men. The young man takes off his jacket and throws it to one of his friends. The young man goads him as he holds up the knife, urging him to “come on.” He grabs Malone by the neck and pulls him onto the ground. His crush screams as she watches the young man stab Malone multiple times.

His crush runs over to him as the young man drives off in a car with his friends. Her boyfriend, sitting on a motorcycle, tells her to “come on.” Malone lies in a pool of blood.

At night, his hand rises through the dirt of his grave. He stumbles onto the grass of the cemetery and lights up a cigarette. He sits by a gravestone.

Walking past a gas station, a fiftysomething man looks up as he fills up the tank of his car. Malone throws the cigarette to him. A fire ignites by the fiftysomething man. A female server drops her plates as she spots Malone through the window.

He walks into a bar as Young Thug performs on stage.  The young man sits with his crush at a table. Malone smiles as he walks to Young Thug. The young man runs off. Malone sits in a chair and sings to his crush as the people scatter.

She cries at his grave.

He drinks from his beer as a tear rolls down her cheek.

Rating: 4.5/5

His crush touches his pale face. She apologizes for not being able to save him. He grunts and rubs his head against her hands. The bartender approaches them and he growls. Underneath the ground, in his coffin, he was able to listen to her talk to him. He wanted to see her one last time.

He offers her hand and she hugs him. Young Thug picks up a baseball bat and tells his crush that there may be more. She says a part of him still human. Young Thug explains he’s disintegrating by the moment. She has a decision to make. She sobs that she can’t do it.

Several more people rise in their graves and walk through town. He puts her hand to her mouth to muffle her scream. Young Thug locks the doors and turns on the news. One of the reporters screams as a zombie bites into her.

Malone was growing hungry. His crush smelled tasty and he wanted to indulge. Young Thug, though, was protecting her and he had decided that he was off-limits. He needed someone to be with her once he leaves. He lets out a low growl. Young Thug stands over him with a shovel and tells her now’s the time. She bites her lips and tells him goodbye as she decapitates him with the shovel.

Director: Colin Tilley Year: 2019


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