Video Review: Leona Lewis “Forgive Me”

Leona Lewis walks on the sidewalk and checks her phone. A text message from her boyfriend reads:  “Hey, i’m just a minute away -x-.” A group of young men check her out as she passes by a store. They begin to dance in the street. She and her friends join them in the routine.

Wearing a top hat and sequined dress, she walks on stage. Mimes follow behind her.  She sits on neon pink couch in the shape of lips.

Holding an umbrella, a young man walks with her as she passes by a movie theater. The young men twirl their umbrellas under the marquee, which is playing “Forgive Me.” Wearing a violet raincoat, she dances in the pouring rain as the young men walk in a circle around her.

She sits on a horse while a carousel turns on a cloud. She passes by the men and touches them on the arm as she walks around the carousel. She stands on the cloud.

A raindrop falls onto her hand as she walks on the sidewalk. She checks her phone again. Her boyfriend writes: “Hurry! Looks like there could be rain.” She smiles as she continues to walk.

Rating: 2.5/5

The rain cascades on the window of the diner. Leona Lewis comments to her boyfriend that they made it there just in time. Her boyfriend shakes his head, saying it has been raining non-stop. He adds that it doesn’t seem like summer. As she cuts up her chicken, she says they may able to go the festival tomorrow. The weather is supposed to be better. He nods, saying they can go the movies instead. She says she’s in the mood for a comedy, something that’s silly.

They kiss goodnight on the porch. Another downpour begins. He groans and she hurries inside to get him an umbrella. He tells her it’s not a big deal and runs to the car. She waves goodbye to him as he drives off. Inside her home, she puts on her robe and gets out her toothbrush. A tornado could tear through the city and she would still be happy. She was finally in a good place. Her job was going well and she was going to be transferring departments soon. She and her boyfriend celebrated their two-year anniversary together. She was talking to her brother again. Everything had fallen into place. Her parents urged her to keep going and continue to try. However, there was times she wanted to skip an interview or delete her brother’s texts. They had a point.

During the interviews, she answered the manager’s questions and hoped for the best. She answered her brother’s texts and gradually started hanging out with him again. She broke up with her ex-boyfriend and believed she would be single for a long time. However, current boyfriend said he had been waiting for her to realize her feelings for him. It had taken up to about a year. However, she was proud of her decisions for the first time in her life.

Director: Wayne Isham Year: 2008

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