Video Review: Ava Max "So Am I"

Video Review: Ava Max “So Am I”

Ava Max, wearing  a red pinstripe top with a navy skirt over her leather pants, walks toward her locker. She unlocks it and looks at herself in the mirror. She and her classmates, dressed in Catholic school uniforms, dance in the hallway.

She and her classmates dance in the cafeteria. She sits with a group of people at the tables.

During detention, she sits on top of the teacher’s desk. A young man throws a paper airplane. A young woman shares a photo on her phone to her friend. A second young man writes in his notebook.

She and her classmates dance by the auditorium. She leans against the wall and listens to music on her headphones.

She and the unpopular kids walk onto the football field. They sit and talk. They stand in a line, holding their palms. On their palms, written in ink, a message reads: “So am I.” A young woman writes on Max’s hand. She puts her hand to her forehead and faints.

Rating: 3/5

Ava Max rests her feet on her desk while in English class. Her teacher tells her to put her feet on the floor. She shrugs and says she’s comfortable. The teacher directs her to the principal’s office. She says she didn’t do anything really wrong. He tells her to go right now. Her classmates snicker as she walks out of class.

The principal tells her she has to be considerate of her classmates. She shakes her head and says “of course, it’s me that has to be considerate.” She asks about when the star athlete of the football team makes fun of the kids with glasses. She says they don’t respect her. The principal she has to earn respect. She smirks and says that they get their respect with their money. She says she can’t afford to buy clothes from the designer stores. She makes her own clothes. However, in art class, she isn’t recognized. The principal gives her detention and tells her to change her attitude.

In detention, she waits for the teacher to slip out of class. She sits on teacher’s desk and makes fun of the principal. Some of her classmates laugh. She walks over to one of her friends, who suffers from vitiligo and asks what she missed in class. She says she’ll give the notes back later. One of her classmates says she shouldn’t be in here with them. Max responds that none of them should be.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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