Video Review: Blaque & *NSYNC “Bring It All To Me”

Lit in electric blue, electricity breaks through the locks of a wooden large container. Imbued with a crystallized blue aura, Natina walks down the street. Natina, Brandi and Shamari materialize onto the street  and walk with an crystallized blue around their bodies.

Brandi checks out two young men as she walks on the bridge.

They stand at a navy blue sculpture and watch as three young men run to them. They fade into the structure. Inside the structure, they spin on a platform.

Shamari accepts a bracelet from two 10-year-old boys.

The three young men look into the sculpture and watch them spin on the platform. Natina touches one of the young men’s faces. One young man strokes Brandi’s cheek.

Natina, Brandi, and Shamari walk on white spotted floor inside a warehouse. Teal shadows dance behind them.

Lit flame orange, Shamari stands by herself in the hallway. Wearing an angel wings, Natina stands in the violet-lit hallway. Brandi walks down the forest green hallway. A shirtless man kneels down and looks up to Natina. The three young men walk into the charcoal hallway.

Two young men stand by the sculpture and watch as three streaks of light fly in the air.

Rating: 2/5

Natina turns down a young man after he buys her a designer purse. She tells him it wasn’t the point of him going out with him. She wants to spend time with him. Brandi returns a bracelet a boyfriend gave to her. The clerk compliments on how pretty it is. She says it is but it’s not her style. With her gift card in hand, she heads for the leisure wear aisle and picks out some sweatpants. Shamari explains to her boyfriend that she’ll be happy with eating at the local family diner as they pull into an expensive restaurant.

Naturi flirts with a second young man at the park. He asks if she’d like to watch the sunset with him. She takes his hand and says it would be great. While they stare up at the night sky, Naturi makes a wish. She hopes the second young man proves to be a good person. As they continue to date, she breaks it off with a couple of other guys she was interested in.

Shamari returns home to see takeout on her kitchen table. She gives her a boyfriend a hug. He kisses her and says he rented some movies. She looks through the movies and smiles when she sees the romantic comedy. Sitting at the kitchen table, she rips the bag of plastic ware and opens the container. Her boyfriend grabs a plate from the cabinet and sets them on the table.

Brandi’s boyfriend asks about his bracelet. She says that she exchanged it. He says he bought it as a “just because” gift. She says she wants him to pay attention to her, not buy her stuff whenever he’s guilty of something. She folds her arms across her chest and says she’s done. Her boyfriend says that she’s being unreasonable. She asks him to leave her house. He slams the door as he walks out.

Director: N/A Year: 1999

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