Video Review: Mark Ronson & Camila Cabello “Find U Again”

In black-and-white, “The Duke,” a female bounty hunter, waits for a phone call as she sits on the bed. As she answers the phone, the narration reads: “she will be told there’s a bounty on Camila Cabello’s head. She was last seen at Club Heartbreak.” The Duke works on her Cabello pencil portrait in her notebook.

A teal light shines on Cabello as she stands by a microphone on stage.

In black-and-white, Mark Ronson, the second bounty hunter, pulls into the Club Heartbreak lot. The narration states “he has no idea he’s going to fall in love.” A young woman, one of “The Twins,” gets off her brother’s motorcycle and walks towards the payphone at a diner.

Ronson, wearing Marc Jacobs sunglasses, finds a table at the club and watches Cabello perform.

Wearing a blonde wig and a silver, sequined bodysuit, she sings on stage with two female dancers. Ronson looks at a photograph of her with brunette hair.

In black-and-white, Nova Mercedes, labeled as a curious opportunist, fans herself as she sits on a lawn chair by her semi trailer. She sees the bounty hunters speed by and follows them in her semi trailer.

Ronson and Cabello lock eyes.

In black-and-white, the bounty hunters arrive at the club.

Cabello spots The Duke tipping her cowboy hat as Parisian blue lights flash past her. She and her dancers run off the stage. Cabello clutches Ronson’s chair. The bounty hunters cock their guns and look around.

In black-and-white, Cabello takes off her wig as Ronson drives his car.

Rating: 2/5

The money wasn’t worth Camila Cabello’s life. Mark Ronson had studied her from afar in preparation. He knew her every move and had tracked her as she skipped from town to town. Although he had tried to send out misinformation to the other bounty hunters, it didn’t seem to stop them.

Cabello had seen Ronson in the audience a few times. She wanted to believe he was a dedicated fan. However, he looked at her as though it were the last time during every performance. The fake names and mystery shows drew more attention to her. She turned down interviews and kept to herself. However, she missed being home. She was exhausted from running.

Ronson squeezed her arm as she hid by him. As the bounty hunters searched, he whispered her to follow him. They waited in the bathroom and stared into one another’s eyes. In the car, she told him he was one of them. Ronson responded she was right. However, he couldn’t let them harm her. She asks him what are they going to do. Ronson tells her they’ll find a way. However, he wants her to get a good night’s sleep. He’ll think of a plan with one of his handlers tomorrow.

Director: Bradley & Pablo Year: 2019

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