Video Review: The Pussycat Dolls “Bottle Pop”

In a theater, Nicole sings into a microphone on a stage. Ashley sits on a chair in the balcony. Melody walks through a curtain. Carmit opens a door.

Nicole swings on a rope in the middle of the theater. Kimberly opens a can of soda and drinks it.

With a neon orange Bottle Pop sign behind them, Nicole, Kimberly, Melody, Jessica and Carmit perform on stage.

Nicole dances by the sign by herself. She lies on the floor. Carmit dances by herself near the sign. Ashley and Kimberly perform together by the sign.

Several male dancers join them on stage as they continue to perform.

Kimberly and Ashley hug.

They shake Pussycat Dolls champagne bottles on stage. They pop open the bottle and silver confetti flies out.

Rating: 3.5/5

Nicole says she wants to try the song again. Taking out her earpiece, she says something’s not working. She says she wants to talk with the vocal coach for a moment. The vocal coach hands her some water and tells her to drink it. The vocal coach helps her through a warm-up. Nicole tries the note again with the vocal coach. The manager says she can take a lunch break with the group. She shakes her head and drinks from the bottle. She says she’ll eat later.

During lunch, Kimberly and Ashley shop in a few stores. They look at the prices and glance at one another. Their paychecks were decent but designer clothes were out of reach. The sales clerk asks if they need any help. They say they are only looking. The sales clerk whispers to them she’s a huge fan of the group. They smile and ask if she’s going to the concert tonight. The sales clerk nods and she got a seat in the center row. She and her friends have been looking forward to it. Kimberly asks her for her name. Ashley says they’ll tell their manager and get her added to the meet-and-greet. The clerk says thank you. Kimberly says hopefully, her boss will let her get off early. The sales clerk laughs and says she’s going to try.

Kimberly and Ashley say hello to Nicole as they walk back into the theater. Nicole says the choreographer wants to meet with them before the show. Kimberly says they received the text message. Ashley asks if she’s seen Jessica. Nicole turns around and says she thought she’d seen her in wardrobe. Kimberly mouths to “wow” to Ashley. Ashley puts her hand over her mouth and says “I know.” They walk into the dressing room and Jessica waves at them. Jessica says one of her costumes tore last night. Kimberly sits down in a chair and says her fishnets have worn out a few times. Ashley says she’s going to take a nap and wake her up before the show starts. Melody punches her arm. Ashley bursts out laughing and rubs her arm, saying it hurt. Melody giggles and tells her that it didn’t. Carmit sits next to Kimberly and asks her to read her boyfriend’s text messages. Kimberly groans and says that she needs to break up with him. Carmit says she plans on breaking up with him sometime next week after the show. Ashley turns around and pats her arm, telling her she can end it whenever she’s ready.

Director: Thomas Kloss Year: 2009

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