Video Review: Ed Sheeran, Chris Stapleton & Bruno Mars “Blow”

At the Viper Room in Los Angeles, California, Cherish (Cherish Waters) shouts into the microphone while she plays on stage. She and her bandmates headbang as they play their guitars.

Behind the barriers, a row of several twentysomething men headbang to the music as they listen.

Cherish raises her arm in the hair and shakes her hips. She plays guitar with Jordan Kelly (Jordan Kelly DeBarge). Jordan Kelly, wearing a black cowboy hat, sings into the microphone. She plays the guitar and points at the audience.

Cheyenne (Cheyenne Hayes) turns in a circle as they play together and puts her hand on the microphone. The female drummer licks the drumstick. She kneels on the stage and continues to play. The men reach for her body. Cherish sings into the microphone again and points at an audience member. She tosses the microphone and headbangs with her two bandmates. Cherish sits on the stage and tilts her head back.

Rating: 5/5

Cherish chugs from her liquor bottle and breaks a couple of windows backstage. She picks up a piece of broken glass and does a line of cocaine on it. A roadie hands her drink laced with cocaine. She gulps it and laughs as it spills over face. She tells Jordan Kelly and Cheyenne she’s going to dance for a while.

Cheyenne sleeps with one of the young men in the front row in the dressing room. Hearing a knock on the door, she walks out of bed, unclothed and answers it. It’s two other men. She invites them in and says there party favors on the table. She points out each drug and picks up her favorite. She swallows the pill and dances around the room.

Jordan Kelly looks again at her cards. She bets all she has. The movie star sitting across from her smirks and places his cards on the table. She curses and shouts at the host. The host calls for security. Security escorts her out. She has no idea how she’ll pay the money back. It was a winning hand. She doesn’t know how she lost. She gives the middle finger to the club as she sits on the sidewalk.

Someone taps Jordan Kelly on the shoulder and tells her to wake up. She gasps as she sees Cherish hauled out of the club in a stretcher. She runs over to the stretcher but the paramedics tell her to leave. Cheyenne walks out in her robe, sobbing and puts her arm around her. She tells Jordan Kelly that it doesn’t look good and that they have to get to the hospital now.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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