Video Review: Kym Sims “Too Blind To See It”

Against a cornflower blue background, Kym Sims tips her hat as she dances.

In black-and-white, she bobs her head as she stands within an eye sculpture. She shakes her shoulders as she sits on a platform. Hands in her jacket, she walks on the sidewalk in the city.

Back against the cornflower background, she puts her hands over eyes.

Wearing a red jacket and black bodysuit, she dances against a black background.

Lit in electric blue, she dances by a fence in the city. A young woman, wearing sunglasses, dances behind her.

A young man dances against a blue eye sculpture. The young woman dances by the eye sculpture by herself. Sims dances by herself by two eye sculptures.

Back in black-and-white, she continues to walk on the sidewalk in the city.

Rating: 2/5

Kym Sims ties her Doc Martens and spritzes some Calvin Klein perfume on her neck. She was meeting some friends at a party. She had invited another friend to come with her. The second friend would help make the night tolerable. Although it would be tick off her circle of friends, she didn’t care. She was going only as an obligation.

While at the party, she and her friend mock some of the people there. Sims says they try to be cool but don’t realize they are mediocre. Her second friend says they should get out of there. She says they should stay at least another half hour. Her second friend sighs and pouts as she leans against the wall. Sims says she’ll say goodbye. Her friend gives her a hug and says she hopes she feels better. Her second friend adds and that Sims is about to vomit right now. Her friend gasps and moves out of the way.

As they walk on the sidewalk, her second friend laughs and says that it was a good lie. Her second friend says she knows of a celebrity party that they go to. Sims asks if they’ll be able to get in. Her second friend smirks and says she knows the club owner by name.

Her second crosses her arms as she curses under her breath. She says the club owner is a jerk. Sims suggests they can hang out at another bar. Her second friend shakes her head and says they are getting into the club. Her friend walks up the velvet rope and insists that their names are on the list.

Director: N/A Year: 1991

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