Video Review: Garbage “When I Grow Up”

A faded blue disco ball glitters as it hangs on the ceiling. The “G” logo shimmers.

Shirley Manson, wearing a red dress, kicks up her leg as she and two dancers perform a routine within a pinwheel design against a black background.

Wearing a black dress, she walks around on stage as the band members play their instruments. She stands in front of the disco ball with both hands on her hips. She continues to wander around the stage.

She sits on a red chair while the disco ball glitters a sunburned orange behind her.

She continues to dance within the pinwheel design against the black background.

Rating: 2/5

Shirley Manson writes a check to the electric company. She puts the bill in the mailbox and cleans the house up a bit. Sitting at the couch, she turns on the television and watches a movie. She thinks of her calling her ex-boyfriend midway through and dials his phone number. As he says hello, the phone drops from her hands. She sits on the couch and cries as the couple onscreen kiss.

Over lunch, she tells her friends about the phone call. Her friend shakes her hand and says she’ll learn. Manson asks her “how so?” Her friend explains that she’ll get it eventually and that she once had a back-and-forth relationship with her ex. Her friend shudders and says it was so humiliating back then. Her second friend calls her out and says it was only six months ago. Her friend says there was a lesson in it. Manson says she knows what she did was embarrassing. However, she missed him and that’s it no big deal.

At her cousin’s house, she walks over toys and dodges her two children. Her cousin yells at them and she says for Manson to sit down. Her cousin says she’ll realize the joy of having kids one day. Manson says she really doesn’t want kids. Her cousin’s jaw drops and says she’ll want one when she’s ready. Manson says she made a decision a long time ago. Her cousin says she hasn’t met the right person yet. Manson sips her tea and listens as her cousin talks about her husband’s promotion and dance competitions for her little girl. Manson thinks of how her mom told her that her cousin and husband were on the verge of divorce. She had added her cousin was becoming a stage mother to her little girl. Manson gives her a hug and says it was good to see her. Her cousin tells her that they must do it again.

Director: Sophie Muller Year: 1999

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