Video Review: Cherish “Unappreciated”

Farrah, Fallon, Felisha and Neosha sit on the porch of their home.

A twentysomething young woman shakes off her boyfriend’s arm as they argue on the sidewalk. She walks away from him.

Farrah walks on the sidewalk.

A second young woman holds hand with her boyfriend as they on the sidewalk. He checks out a third young woman. She shakes her head and leaves him.

Neosha sits on a windowsill and looks out the window.

A fourth young woman sits on the couch as her boyfriend plays video games. She puts her arms around him as he plays and then walks back to the other room.

Fallon sits on a couch in their home.

Farrah, Fallon, Neosha and Felisha stand by a door in the hallway.

Felisha stands by her car.

They sit on the roof of their home.

Two young women watch as a fifth young woman takes money from her boyfriend. A sixth young woman sits with her daughter on the porch and points out her father while he walks up to the driveway. He picks up his daughter and ignores the sixth young woman.

They continue to sit on the porch.

Rating: 3/5

Farrah says they are going to babysit one of her friend’s kids. She tells them she and her boyfriend are trying to work things out. Noesha rolls her eyes and says her boyfriend is such a jerk. He’s a good father but he treats their friend horribly. Farrah says her friend is worrying about losing custody. He’s an involved father and would fight her for full custody. Felisha comments that he’s trash and has always been so.

Fallon taps her Farrah on the shoulder and says their neighbor across the street is flirting with another girl again in front of his girlfriend. Neosha puts her hand over her mouth as his girlfriend walks away. Felisha comments that’s it about time. Fallon says that she doesn’t think the breakup will last. She always come back. Farrah says she’s confusing her with the other neighbor. Noesha says the one that goes to school with her. Farrah nods and says “that one.” Farrah adds they break up all the time and make out in the hallways.

Their neighbor next door, the fifth young woman, sits on the porch and cries. Fallon whispers that she saw her boyfriend out with another girl. Farrah says she feels sorry for her and suggests if they should invite her over for some coffee. Noesha says it would be best to leave her alone. Fallon says she’s really nice and deserves better, too. Felisha says they were hoping for them to stay together.

Director: Erik White Year: 2006

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