Video Review: Limahl “Never Ending Story”

Limahl touches at a pipe as he walks in a sewer. Smoke billows around him as he looks at a thick, entrenched pipe with cobwebs hanging from it.

A young man plays the drum in the corner as he feels the cobweb along the pipe. He takes the hand of Mandy Newton and dances with her. She stays in the center while he stands in the corner.

Lit in lime green, a second young man plays the keyboard.

With his eyes closed, Limahl touches Newton’s arms.

Lit in hot pink, the young man plays the drum.

Against a multi-colored dotted background, he dances with Newton.

Lit in cornflower blue, a third young man plays the guitar.

He sits next to her while on the pipe and touches her neck. She tilts her head back and puts her hand on his chest. He leans back and she pulls him up.

Rating: 2.5/5

The quest was almost complete. In the secrets of the sewers, a young woman would be able to provide Limahl answers. The pipes seemed to lead an to an entryway to the real world. He sees the young woman and realizes there’s more to learn.

The young woman shares her stories of the future and of the changes to the outside world. He asks for information about where he is. He was in the last in the forest when a hole opened up and dropped him into the sewers. The young woman explains he took a wrong turn. There were necessary places he missed and needs to see. He asks her to take him there. She says she can’t, she’s bound to the sewer. He says he knows of a spell. She says he is incapable of having the power. The power will overtake him and he’ll never be able to go home. Limahl says he wants to stay with her. She touches her face and says he won’t survive for long.

Limahl sits on his chair and wakes up. It wasn’t a dream. He had lived in another world. However, as he looks at the time, he sees only an hour has past. He turns on the television and the phone rings. It continues to ring several times as he walks to it. He answers it and the young woman says she’ll never forget.

Director: N/A Year: 1984

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