Video Review: Glenn Frey “You Belong To The City”

On television, a man plays saxophone while a ferry crosses underneath the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City, New York. Glenn Frey smokes his cigarette and rubs his forehead as he sits by the window.

While walking on the sidewalk at night, he shakes his pack of cigarettes and puts one in his mouth. Exhaust from the taxis and cars pass by as he waits by the cross walk.

A young woman lights a candle in her apartment. She sits at the kitchen table and watches the television on her counter. In the Miami Vice episode, Detectives James Crockett (Don Johnson) and Ricardo Tubbs (Phillip Michael Thomas) walk on the sidewalk. Crockett reads the newspaper. She blows out the candle. As she leaves her apartment building, she says goodbye to the doorman, who is also watching the show.

She gazes out of the window of the taxi. It stops in front of Frey, who curses at the driver. He and the young woman stare at one another. He sees her as she sits inside a bar. He sits across from her. A young man puts his lighter to her cigarette and she pushes him away. She smiles at him. On the television, Crockett twirls his cigarette in his mouth. Frey finishes his drink and stands on the sidewalk, hailing a cab. The young woman puts her hand on his shoulder and walks with him.

A taxi driver sits on the hood of his car. A thirtysomething man washes the window of a store. A third young man dances on the sidewalk. A fourth young man plays the saxophone on the Brooklyn Bridge. She reads a magazine at the newsstand. They continue to walk together.

The sun rises over the Brooklyn Bridge. The elevator door opens and he shuts off the doorman’s television. He leaves the young woman’s apartment building. He walks back home as cars wait at the traffic light. He smokes by the bridge and tosses it in the river.

Rating: 5/5

Detective James Crockett talks with one of his girlfriends on the television. Glenn Frey glances at the time. He didn’t realize the show had started already. Every week, he puts on the television ten minutes before the show. He has the dishes in the dishwasher and checks on his cat. However, as he glances out the window, he sees people laughing as they walk. The lights from the diners shine. People sing along to the musician performing on the street. He turns off the television and leaves his apartment.

During his walk, he glances at store windows. He sees the street musician and puts some money in his guitar case. The musician nods at him as he continues to play. He views the marquee of the Broadway shows and buys a ticket. It was a tourist thing to do and something he usually derided. However, it hadn’t been to a show since elementary school.

While at a bar, he talks with a young woman he saw while he was walking. He really wanted to get to know her. However, she seemed to be looking for someone else. She finds as he leaves and asks him if he’ll walk her home. At her apartment, they have sex. He puts her phone number in his wallet. She said it was okay with it being a one-night stand. But he liked talking with her. He can always record Miami Vice and watch it later if they ever go out again.

Director: N/A Year: 1985

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