Video Review: Mabel & Kojo Funds “Finders Keepers”

Inside a room, Mabel and a group of people clap their hands above their heads. The fluorescent lights flicker on the ceiling. Kojo Funds walks inside and stands by the lavender lit wall. Mabel joins him and dances with him.

Lit in sunrise orange, a young woman and man talk by a window in another room. A second young man takes a picture of a second young woman by some plants. A third young man and woman lean against the wall of the gym. A fourth young man kisses the forehead of the fifth young man.

Lit in electric blue, she applies makeup on her face. She smiles as she talks with her friends in the bathroom.

The couples kiss as Mabel dances by herself.

Mabel and her friends walk down the stairs and out of the building. They walk in the street at night.

Rating: 3/5

Finals were over! Mabel returns to her dorm room and sits on the couch. Her friend asks her how the test went. She says she thinks she passed. Her friend says a group of people are going to a party at a recording studio. Mabel says one of her professors owns it.

At the recording studio, she says hello to her professor. Her professor asks if she’ll be interning for the summer. She says she’s going to take the summer off and travel a little bit. Her professor says they’ll be a spot for her when she returns for the fall semester.

Mabel and her friends sort through the vinyl on the shelves. Her friend tells her it would took an entire day to catalog the new stuff. She adds the DJ’s are always looking for something to sample. Mabel says she hasn’t heard of half of it. Her friend nods and says the DJ’s want the obscure material.

Another one of her friends tell them they are missing out on the party. Her friend says she wanted to show Mabel around. Her second friend asks if she’s going to continue with her radio show. Mabel says she plans to continue but she’s setting up her podcast. Her second friend says she can’t wait to hear it. Her friend says enough talk about school and adds they should party. Mabel and her friends order a drink at the bar and dance with some of their classmates.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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