Video Review: Cleopatra “Cleopatra’s Theme”

A fortysomething mother fixes her youngest daughter’s braid and tilts her head towards the ceiling. Upstairs, Cleo, Yonah and Zainam dance in their bedroom. They jump on the beds. A toy airplane flies around the room. Cleo sings in the mirror.

Their mother dances by the kitchen table as she cleans up the table. In the family room, their little sister changes the channel and watches cartoons. Three animated versions of Cleo, Yonah and Zainam dance onscreen. In the bathroom, their little sister puts on lipstick. She unrolls the toliet paper and stuffs her shirt. Cleo knocks on the bathroom door while their little sister talks with a friend on the phone.

In the living room, the coffee table shakes. Coffee spills on the table while a thirtysomething man reads the newspaper on the couch. He holds onto the cup as the a picture frame falls. He hits the wall and tells them to knock it off.

While they play with glowsticks, their mother puts her hands on her hips and walks upstairs. She turns on the light and tells them to “stop jumping on the beds. I can hear the neighbor banging downstairs. Keep the noise down.” Yonah apologizes and their mother closes the door.

They continue to dance to the music. Yonah hits Zainam with a pillow.

Rating: 3/5

Cleo hands her little sister a towel. She tells her take the makeup off her face. Her little sister she wants to be like them, older and able to go out. Cleo says she still has time and washes her sister’s face. She asks her sister if she can hang out with them. She even learned a new dance and wants to show them.

Their mother walks by the bathroom and asks what’s going on. Their mother points to the bedroom and says she’s going to change something age approriate. Her little sister said she found it in the wash and wanted to try it on. Her mother tells Cleo to help her find an outfit and she wants to talk to the three of them.

In the kitchen, their mother tells Yonah, Zainam and Cleo to spend more time with their little sister. She’s growing up and needs them. She says they are turning the music off and going shopping with her. Yonah groans and says she doesn’t want to go to any stores. Their mother tells her too bad and says they are leaving now.

Their little sister asks their opinion about a skirt. Cleo finds a similar one with a longer hem. Their little sister says she’ll look like a baby. Cleo kneels down and says once she’s an adult she can choose whatever she wants. But, she adds, she’s still a kid. Their little sister says she wishes she was a few years older. Cleo hugs her and says they’ll always be there with her. Their little sister says she really wants ice cream. Cleo puts her arm around her and says she wants to get Blue Moon. Their little sister says she wants to get Superman.

Director: N/A Year: 1998

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