Video Review: Sigala & Becky Hill “Wish You Well”

In Petra, Jordan, a young man sits on the sand with his camel beside him in the sun.  Becky Hill stands on top of the Siq canyon. She stands in the corridor.

The young man smiles as his 8-year-old daughter hugs him.

Candles line the corridor as Hill continues to sing.

The young man rides his camel in the desert throughout the day and into the night. His daughter lights a candle inside a cave.Lit in ruby red, he sits on his camel and stares at the light in the night sky.

At night, Hill sits in the desert, surrounded by candles. He chases after the red light in the desert.  His 8-year-old daughter walks in the desert during the day. While standing underneath an arch, he watches someone drives towards him.

At night, the people in the truck and his daughter stare at the red light in the sky.

She sits in the desert and looks around during the day. The young man smiles as she runs to him. His daughter sits on the back of the camel as it runs back home.

Rating: 5/5

The young man leads his camel to a lake. As the camel drinks, he washes his face. He puts some water in his canteen. Someone should’ve seen his signal a few days ago. He taps his pocket. There was only one flare left. While he sleeps, he thinks of being home again with his daughter. He had promised her he would be gone for a day. However, it’s been a week. He isn’t sure how long he can go on.

A red light shines upon him and his camel. It stays in one place. Although he doesn’t know how it came to be, he’s going to trust it. He has to know where it’s going to take him. The light disappears in the morning. His camel pants as he sits down. He pats it head and says they should be home soon.

A car arrives in the area. He calls out for help. The fortysomething man asks his name. He says it and asks for some water. The fortysomething hands him a bottle of water. He gulps it down and wants to know if his daughter is here. The fortysomething man shakes his head and says she didn’t want to leave the sanctuary again.

He stares at the photo of his daughter while he sits in the passenger side. He kisses his camel and says she needs to eat. A thirtysomething man says he’ll take his camel home.

His daughter holds onto him, telling him how much she missed him. She says she so afraid he was gone. She kept praying for him to come back. He said seeing her again was the only that kept him going.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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