Video Review: Alexandra Stan “Mr. Saxobeat”

A few police officers read files as they walk back their desks. A handcuffed fortysomething man sleeps in a chair while Alexandra Stan and her friends are hauled into the station. Handcuffed, the police officers grip the her and her friend’s shoulders arms as they lead up the stairs.

A police officer pushes Stan to the chair in the interrogation room. She puts her hand on her chin as a second police officer shows her a piece of paper.

She dances in the cell.

Her friend side-eyes the police officer as she sits in the chair. Her second friend fans herself with the evidence folder. Stan touches an officer’s chin with her finger.

The police officers take them to their cells.

Her two friends sit on a bench and shrug. Stan grips the bars and stares at the guard. He gulps as she touches her breasts. She swings her hips as he continues to check her out. He leaves his bench and leans against the cell.

She and her friends, dressed as police officers, dance in the hallway.

The guard moans as she touches his body. She takes the gun out of his pocket as her friends take the keys and baton. She opens the cell and points the gun into the guard’s shoulder. He opens his eyes. They push into the cell and lock him inside. He screams for help.

They walk upstairs and change into the police uniforms.  Stan pulls the gun on the police chief while he sits in his office with other officers. They tape up their mouths and hands. She tips her hat as they walk out of the station.

Rating: 3/5

Alexandra Stan was no angel. However, she wasn’t a criminal, either. A police officer had arrested her and her friends outside the bar, accusing them of prostitution. Stan had started to protest but one of her friends had kicked her shin. She had turned up her chin and glared at the officer as he handcuffed her.

The police chief was resigning, stating he wants to spend more time with his family. Alexandra Stan drinks a beer at the bar as she watches it on the television. A series botched investigations, included allegations of sexual harassment and corruption, had been opened by the state. One of the police officers, who had interrogated her, said he wasn’t taking any questions.

She and her friends had helped take the police chief down. They had reported their false arrest but nothing had come of it. She had reached out to a reporter and told her a story. The reporter said she’d work on it and said it would become a part of a larger story.

Each day, she waited for the news to break. She believed it wasn’t going to happen. Then, her friend sent her a link to the article. The social media response from the news coverage put the pressure on the state. Within two weeks, multiple police officers named in the article quit. She smirked as she saw the face of one of the officers who had handcuffed her. The era of silence was over.

Director: Iulian Moga Year: 2011

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