Video Review: Gucci Mane “Off The Boat”

Through binoculars, Gucci Mane watches as women wearing white bikinis walk onto his yacht. They stand on his yacht as it travels in the water. Some women carry gold super soakers filled with liquor. Mane, wearing a black robe and silver necklaces, dances. He leans against the railing with the women as they shake their butts.

A brunette pours liquor on a blonde’s head. Another slaps a woman’s butt as liquor drips on it. The women dance with Mane. They clink their glasses. A woman rubs her butt against a second’s woman’s stomach. Two women lean into one another for a kiss. A woman holds up a bottle of Belaire. Two women hold onto stacks of money.

In a hanger, a woman uses a forklift to get a boat. He flicks his wrists and dances.

He watches the sun set by himself.

Rating: 1/5

A young woman vomits in the bathroom. She locks the door. None of the other women cared if she was sick. They were all out for themselves. Two women bang on the door to let them inside. They promise her time with Gucci Mane. The young woman presses her heel against the door. Gucci Mane was going to have to break open the door himself before she’ll let them in. She knew who they were. They were forcing drinks down woman’s throats and whispering into Mane’s ear. He listened to them.

She wraps the shower curtain around herself and sleeps against the wall. A soft tapping on the door wakes her up. It’s Gucci Mane. She says she’ll be there in a minute and unlocks the door. He sits beside her and asks why she isn’t out there with the other women. She says she drank a little too much. He leads her to a bed and tells her to lay down. He gives her a kiss and says they’ll be home soon.

As she sleeps, she hears the other women whisper about her. One laughs that it was the only way she could get attention from Gucci Mane. The women trade stories about the feel of Gucci Mane’s skin and lips. A few women continue to drink liquor and burp. Mane’s assistant knocks on the door and turns on the light. He tells them they all need to go to bed now and invites two women to come with him. A naked woman stands in front of him and pleads. He says he’ll ask,

Sipping from a straw, she watches the cars down on the overpass. A young woman sits next to her and says it was a wild weekend. She says it was but she’s ready to go home. The young woman asks if she’ll be back again next weekend. She shakes her head. The young woman pats her knee and tells her that she tried but she just needs to develop better connections. The young woman forces a smile and tells her she’s going to work on her resume once she’s home.

Director: Daniel Russell Year: 2018

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