Video Review: Basia “New Day For You (US Version)”

Against a royal blue background, Basia stands and sings.

Filmed through a beige filter, a young man sits on a bench. He walks in the park with his hands in pockets. He watches a father teach his 8-year-old boy how to ride a bicycle. A couple hugs one another while he walks. He sees a second couple kiss.  Three 8-year-old boys play baseball. Lurking in the corner, he stares as the second young woman who says yes to the second young man’s proposal.

He gets up from the park bench and runs. Pacing by a payphone, he turns to look at it. It rings and he answers. A wide smiles crosses his face as he says “yeah!” Basia passes him as he runs back home.

Rating: 2/5

Someday seemed not to exist. The young man was waiting for the right girlfriend, the right job, the right place to live. He was in one place, unable to go anywhere. Each choice was stopped by a definite “no.” He couldn’t pass the obstacles to even figure out if he was even making the correct decisions. With each decision, he hoped it would make his life less of a trainwreck.

The park was usually his refuge. The walks allowed him to let him and release the pressure he was holding inside of him. But the couples and parents with their kids reminded him of what he won’t ever have. The last young woman he loved had told him she wasn’t the one. She couldn’t live in limbo with him while he went from rejection to rejection. She wanted something good to happen. However, she had believed he had given up passable choices for an unrealistic dream.

The phone call had changed his life. His proposal for a fellowship had been accepted. In two weeks, he was going be providing legal counsel for the state. While at the law firm, he meets the two partners, who introduce him to the local politicians. They tell him he should consider a run at politics. Although he shrugs it off at first, he realizes he can at least try it. He wins in his first election and becomes a judge. Ten years later, he becomes governor of the state. As governor, he turns the state’s economy around and celebrates the birth of second child during his second term. The local party coalition supports him for Senate. In the Senate, he gains the reputation of someone who isn’t afraid to fight for the people. His name is mentioned among those to watch as President hopefuls. Someday, he says during an interview on a national news program, it may happen.

Director: Jon Small Year: 1987

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