Video Review: Rita Ora “New Look”

On an aqua lit Meydan Bridge in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Rita Ora drives her car.

She stands by her car in the sunlight. A young woman stacks a silver rims. A second young woman, with pink hair, welds a piece of machinery. Ora grabs her keys from the young woman.

At the bridge, a crowd of people lean against their cars. A truck drives on its side. She removes her handkerchief from her mouth and looks at the young man standing across from her. The young woman smiles as she waves the flag to start the race.

The young man sits on the edge of an abra as it sails on the river. Leaning against the railing with her friends, spots him as he dances past them at Dubai Creek.

They stare at one another while speeding on the road. She pulls ahead of him.

While dancing in the center of the bridge, the silver car spins around Ora.

They slide as they round a turn on the road. She slows down as cheers for herself in her seat. The crowd of people congratulate her on the bridge.

Rating: 5/5

Rita Ora slides out from her underneath her car. It was ready. Her friends says she’s going to beat him. Ora says she hopes so. She adds he likes to talk big. Her second friend grins as she says he’s trying to impress her. Her second friend says he usually doesn’t race often. He worries that he may be caught.

While standing at the Creek, he was grinning as he danced past her. She had to admit she liked him. However, she really wanted to beat him in the race. She had been working on her car and trying to add speed to it. But something about it was lacking. She had inspected each piece of it. He had come over and told her her supercharger needed to be fixed.

After the race, he mentions if it was the supercharger. She nods and says they worked all day on it. She thanks him for the tip. He says she’s welcome and asks if she’d like to go to the aquarium with him. She says she has to talk to her friends for a minute. Running up to her friends, she says she has to break her plans with them tonight. Her friends give her a hug and tell her to have fun. Her friends wave at him. Ora exclaims she’s nervous. Her friend, with the pink hair, tells her don’t be and not to worry about them. Her first friend shouts she wants to details as Ora walks with him.

As they hold hands, he whispers to her that he thinks their friends are excited for them. Ora smiles and says she thinks they are planning a wedding as they speak. He bursts out laughing and hugs her.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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