Video Review: Little Mix “Bounce Back (Version 2)”

Silver lightning strikes against the lavender sky as Jade, Perrie, Leigh-Anne and Jesy sit on their lounge chairs, facing the ocean.

Jesy twirls her a strand of her bubblegum pink hair. She puts her hand on her see-through material of her hot pink bikini bottom.

Against a swirling azure sky, Jade, wearing a rainbow heart bikini, gasps.

Leigh-Anne, wearing a straw hat and yellow bikini, claps her hands.

They splash their feet in the water.

Jesy holds her dog and plays with a beach ball. She pops her gum. A rainbow forms from Jade’s hands. She kicks her legs as she sits on a float. She plays with an inflated bottle of champagne. Leigh-Anne tosses an giant beach ball in the air. Jade dials numbers on a phone.

Perrie sits on a lifeguard stand. Jade fans herself as she sits on an inflated pink flamingo. She dances by a young man. He spins around on the float. She holds up an inflatable shark and kicks it. She pulls a string of a neon pink inflatable raft as her dog sits on it.

Jade plays the inflatable saxophone and then knocks on the head by the giant beach ball. They dance and splash in the water.

Rating: 3/5

Leigh-Anne puts her umbrella beside her as she reads a magazine. Jade licks her ice cream cone next to her as she chatters about the cute boy she saw. She waves at Perrie, who sits on the lifeguard stand and watches the people in the ocean. Jesy turns over on her blanket and says to to her know when the half hour is over.

Perrie sips her soda while on her break. She says she has to go inside and get away from the sun awhile. She fans herself and comments she’s melting out there. Leigh-Anne wakes Jesy up and tells her it’s time for lunch. Jade pouts and says she already ate.

Leigh-Anne puts her hands on her stomach and says she’s stuffed. Jesy giggles as she gulps her wine. She and Jade push Leigh-Anne towards the water. Leigh-Anne calls out “no!” Perrie tells Jade and Jesy to stop. Jade rolls her eyes and Jesy mutters that she’s not as much as fun anymore.

Jade touches her stomach and says she doesn’t feel so good. Leigh-Anne hands Jade her blanket. Jade cuddles up in the backseat and puts her head on Perrie’s shoulder. Jesy turns the radio off and puts her water by Jade. Jade takes a drink. Perrie tells Jade that she can over at her house tonight. Jade whispers “thanks” and falls asleep. Leigh-Anne turns the corner and drops Jesy off. Jesy whispers that she can get her floats sometime next week. Leigh-Anne waves and checks on Jade. She touches Jade’s forehead and tells Perrie she’s the next stop.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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