Video Review: Robert Palmer “I Didn’t Mean To Turn You On”

Against the backdrop of a home, the director, a young woman, wearing an white outfit, stands at the camera. Her assistant, also in white, holds a boombox and listens to the music in her ears.

Against the backdrop of the backyard, Robert Palmer finds his mark. A third young woman, also dressed in white, clicks the clapboard by a several female dancers. The female dancers, wearing white strapless dresses, begin their routine by the trees.

Palmer snaps his fingers while several women, wearing black dresses, put their fingers by the strings of the guitars in their arms. He sings into the microphone.

He walks by the director and laughs as he stands next to her.

He continues to sing against the backdrop of the backyard.

Rating: 2.5/5

The assistant likes Robert Palmer’s music. Although it may not to be cool to admit it, she often hums it between breaks. The director, though, told her that Palmer booked her for another video. She says the video is turning out as she had envisioned and Palmer seems to be pleased with it. She adds that she hopes it’ll lead to for more work for them. The production assistant crosses her arms and shakes her head as she announces the first take.

The dancers in white dresses fuss among themselves. The lead dancer, with the pale body, tells them they are missing the steps. She instructs them to give their all and says she’s the only one making an effort. They mock her pointing as she prepares for the next tape. The lead dancer calls out “cut.” Palmer and the other women look at her. The director asks her what’s going on. She says the other dancers are missing steps. She has stepped on many times. Palmer shrugs and says it’s not supposed to be perfect.

One of the guitarists closes to Palmer smirks. She puts her hand on the guitar as told and shuffles her feet. Palmer was an okay singer. However, she preferred rock stars. She had toured with several bands last year and couldn’t get wait to go back. The money from the video was going towards the summer. One of her friends had received information from a lead singer about an upcoming tour.

Palmer thanks everyone for a great job. The lead dancer shakes Palmer’s hand and exclaims it was great working with him and hands him her buisness card. She says he hopes to keep her in mind for other videos or performances. The guitarist closes to Palmer takes off her high heels and  tells him she’s going to put on sweatpants. Palmer undoes his tie and says he’s putting on his pajamas. He didn’t much sleep last night. She smirks again and asks if he heard anything about a tour. He says they are in the planning stages. She says she’ll let her friends know. Some have mentioned wanting to work with him and he’ll pass his name around. He says he’ll talk to her soon.

Director: N/A Year: 1986

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